Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ready, Set, Sew! And....

My daughter graduated a couple of months ago from the local junior college with two AA degrees.  We're very proud!  In a couple of weeks, she'll be moving to her new apartment to attend a university/music conservatory.

She found room mates and they got an apartment over a month ago.  She took a few things over when she stayed there for rehearsals for the Disney Concert Hall performance.  And, last weekend, we took over and assembled an armoir/closet that we bought at IKEA for her birthday (she just turned 21!).  It's part of the Hemmes collection.  It's white on the outside with yellow stripes in the drawers and back of the closet (looks like wallpaper or shelf liner).  It's very cute and goes well with her Shabby Chic style.  It has lots of room for hanging clothes, shelves for folded clothes, a shelf for shoes, and two big drawers.  It even locks!

We also have some projects planned for things that will help decorate her apartment and make it a cozy, pretty place to live.   However, the summer has been going by very fast and we only have two weeks left before she moves.  Here's our list...

Re-paint the new-to-her/antique desk she bought
Paint and recover a chair to go with the desk
Finish making the lamp for her desk
Refinish/paint a floor lamp
Find and buy a few more needed items
Build an upholstered/tufted headboard
Make a dust ruffle/bedskirt
and...make a quilt

Whew!  Can we do all that?!  I certainly hope so.  It'll be fine if we don't get it all done by the time she moves and starts the school year.  But, we're going to try!  I think it will make her move nicer and ease the transition.  And, we'll have fun working on it together.

We have all the fabrics for the quilt and started cutting for it this afternoon.  That's going a lot slower than I anticipated.  We're already taking a break and we've only cut squares from two of the nine fabrics.  I wonder if the sewing will go slower too.  Hmmmm?  We're planning to tie the quilt rather than having it machine quilted.  I feel pretty confident that part should only take a day or two because I've done that in a short time before.

We're thinking of going over to the apartment one day next week to work on the desk.  The chair should go pretty quickly.  Same for the lamps.  I was thinking we could probably make the headboard in a day or so.  But...I'm not so sure now with how slowly the quilt cutting is going.  I guess we'll find out!  I'd better get back to work!  Wish us luck!  :-)

I plan to post pictures of our progress and projects.  Stay tuned.


Denise said...

good luck! I'm betting you get the vast majority of it done. Can hardly wait for the pics.

Benita said...

And the best part is working together. Enjoy her while she is still home.

Roxie said...

As Benita said, the best part is working with her. That's a rather ambitious list. what quilt pattern are you doing?

The armoir sounds charming. Since it has yellow accents, I am envisioning yellow in everything else as well. Looking forward to photos to see if I'm right.

Lucky girl. It's going to be so nice to have all those tokens of your love around her.

Murr Brewster said...

I try to cut out all my quilt pieces at once because I really don't like doing it. Five hours in, I'm ready to take up some other hobby. Like drinking. Good luck. I'm starting to see the joy of larger designs.

lifeinredshoes said...