Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yarn Therapy

I promised to post pictures of the yarn I bought last week on my "yarn therapy" session.  Here it is...

It's Cascade, Ultra Pima.  I love cotton!  It's soft and the sheen made it even harder to resist.  It adds a richness to it. It doesn't have a color name...just 3719.  It's a soft, silvery, beige.  I think it will go with a lot of things.  It will probably become some kind of lacy wrap or shawl.  I bought two skeins.

I always have a hard time resisting Sugar 'n Cream.  The yarn shop, Labors of Love, has some colors I don't see in the big box stores....like this yummy chocolate brown.  They also have copies of free patterns around the store, sitting next to examples.  I picked up a pattern for a cute, knitted dishcloth.  That's what this will become.

Back to the sewing machine!  We just finished sewing all the squares together for my daughter's quilt. Next, we'll need to decide on a border and sew it on.  Then, create a back panel.  After that, we'll be ready to tie it all together!  


Lenora said...

Love the Ultra Pima! I, too, enjoy a great cotton that works for all seasons here in soCal.

Benita said...

Sugar 'n Cream has so many uses. It's my favorite for baby blankets for babies born in the summer. I even knitted a sweater vest out of it once.

Roxie said...

What a gorgeous color! Excellent quality therapy!

And yes, I'm addicted to Sugar and Cream as well. What happy, fun colors they have. And even if you don't want to invest in an orange and yellow sweater, you can always brighten your mood by making an orange and yellow washcloth. It's not a big investment in either cash or time.

Hooray for the quilt progress. Sew on! Sew on!

KarenB said...

I love Labors of Love. That's where I bought all my oilcloth. I also bought yarn for a dishcloth, but it was different. It was Berrocco Pure Pima and its to make the Imitation Lattice washcloth. It was on their table of cream projects. So, so pretty! Like I need another project.

vicki said...

Gorgeous Cascade Pima-- that sheen is just beautiful. This will make an incredible shawl. I love the cotton yarns too- that brown is beautiful and rich-/