Monday, July 16, 2012

Moro Rock

Kings Canyon National Park and Sequoia National Park are basically one park.  They are right next to one another.  Roads meander through the forest from one to the other.  So, our week long trip Kings Canyon gave us the opportunity to see both parks.

On the day that we spent on the Sequoia side, we visited Moro Rock.  I'd never heard of it until this visit.  But, I found out that it's actually quite famous.  I even saw a picture of one of our past presidents standing at the top.  It's a huge granite dome, perched on the side of the mountain, 4,000 feet above the canyon below.  A 300' climb to the top and outside edge of it provides 360 degree views of the Great Western Divide or the western side of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.  It's also very exposed to the elements...

A stairway to the summit was first constructed in 1917 and eventually updated
and replaced in 1931 by the current concrete paths and 400 steps that lead to the top.

The paved paths and stairway meander up the sides
and criss-cross back and forth to the top.

There are interesting things to see along the way...expansive views, plants, flowers, trees...even fallen ones.  It was fun to peek at the view through this one...

Parts of the path require a little bending and ducking to avoid over hanging rock...

Some sections along the way are steep and narrow. 
For those who are afraid of heights, it can be a little challenging. 


It's a bit of a workout.  Especially, at the altitude of 6,725 feet.

Heres a section that shows how it alternates between concrete pathways and steps.

Sometimes it's quite narrow as it passes through big boulders and cracks.

There are some interesting rock formations along the way too...

Here's an interesting rock jutting out near the top with stripes of bright green lichen. 
That's my husband and daughter standing near it.

We stopped often to check out the views. 
This one is looking back toward the mountain we had just driven on.

Here's a view looking down at part of the trail we had just climbed...

A glimpse of the view we were about to see from the top...

There were prescribed burns going on that day.  So, the air was very hazy. 
But, if you look closely, you can see a road winding up through the mountains below. 
It's another way up to Sequoia from the valley below.

There it is...the top!

It was a fun little hike up.  My daughter was especially proud of herself for working through her fear of heights to get to the top and the lookout.  That's us...

The walk down was fun too.  We even noticed the sound of waterfalls and rivers echoing up from the valley below.  This tree is growing out of the side of the granite dome.  Amazing!

Moro Rock was a fun little adventure.  And, for my daughter,
an accomplishment that deserved a souvenir pin for making it to the top!

Next post...the redwood trees that Sequoia and Kings Canyon are famous for!


Cindie Kitchin said...

I can imagine those views were incredible but I sure couldn't do it no matter how great - I'd be hyper-ventilating at the start of it. Kudos to your daughter conquering that fear!

RodPrjónar said...

This place is really breathtaking!!
I love mountains!

Roxie said...

What a magnificent adventure! Bravo!

Benita said...

Now that looks like a challenging bit of fun with a great reward at the end. How long of a walk it is in miles?