Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fuelin' the Old Fashioned Way

I was looking through my vacation photos to see if there
 was anything else I wanted to share and I found this...

It's a gas station along the highway that heads into Kings Canyon.
Check out those old pumps.  You can see the gas inside the glass
cylinders on top.  And, they actually work!  They sell it by the litre
and it comes out to be around the same price that we pay per gallon
outside of the park.  I love finding stuff like this!
I hope it stays around for a long time!


Roxie said...

Somebody worked pretty hard to get those up and running. What fun!

lifeinredshoes said...

It's little things like that add something special to the experience :)

P.S. I love the blue wrap you're wearing in your profile pic!

jomomma said...

That's so cool! I agree with Roxie, you usually see them in horrible shape and the glass is rarely usable.

vicki said...

Gosh-- I haven't seen those gas pumps in years-- that's way cool!!