Wednesday, July 25, 2012


My hysteroscopy surgery is done! Over! Finished! Whew!

Despite my nervousness about the procedure...and, especially, the anesthesia...I was able to keep my nerves down enough to sleep last night. I shed a few tears of fear at the hospital but I think I did pretty well. It helped that everyone at the Fallbrook Hospital was super nice and great at what they do.  I felt well cared for and never rushed. I've felt quite the opposite with procedures at other hospitals.

My day started with the alarm clock at 4:00 am and a shower with antibacterial the hospital requested. I'll be happy not shower with that soap again. Ick! We were on the road by 5:00 am. I'm not usually on the road that early and was surprised to see so many cars at that time. It was amazing! We made it to the hospital at 5:45, right on time. We walked in and were immediately greeted and quickly whisked away. My husband and daughter were shown where things were and told how the morning would work. They even gave them a morning newspaper. Then, they began preparations for me. They did paper work here and there while I changed, had an EKG, met with the doctor, and had other preps. That was nice. It was less stressful than sitting in an office and signing a huge pile of papers and waiting to get started. Each and every person that worked with me was friendly and had a way of putting me at ease. 

Sometime around 7:15 or 7:30, they rolled me into a room near the operating room where I met with my OR nurse and the anesthesiologist.  They were great too! They prepped me a bit more, explained more things, and answered all of my questions. As they rolled me into the OR, there was music playing...and not the elevator was more contemporary. It was nice. There were other people working in there to get ready for the surgery. I remember scooting from one bed to another, commenting on the pretty blue/green color of the overhead lights, chit chatting and...then...nothing...until I woke up in the original room I'd started the morning in.

It turns out that, what was supposed to take 20-30 minutes, took over an hour. I was told that could happen, depending on what they found. I was also told, many times, about how good my doctor is and that people come from far and wide to see her. And, that it's not uncommon for her to take extra time because she's very good and very careful at what she does. It was wonderful to hear and very reassuring every time I heard it. I chose her because of the amazing reviews I'd read and how people come to her from Hawaii, Alaska, Arizona and more. So far, I've been quite pleased too.  It turned out that I had a large polyp and two smaller ones. She removed them, had a look around, and did a D and C. I imagine I'll have results for that at my follow up visit in a couple weeks, or via email....the doc is great at communicating. 

I woke up from the procedure pretty well.  I only felt a little icky when I got up to use the bathroom. The anesthesiologist gave me anti nausea meds before the surgery and they gave me a bit more when I had that moment of ickiness. It seemed to work! Hubby was driving me home before noon. I'm feeling pretty good. I've been laying around and napping off the meds. My throat is a bit sore from the breathing tube and I'm a bit sore 'down under'. But, so far, no cramping and very little bleeding. Whew! 

Hopefully, I'll feel even better tomorrow. Hubby and my daughter are taking great care of me. In fact, she's hard at work in the kitchen, whipping up a gourmet meal. Yumm! I can't wait!


Debbie's Dialect said...

Cheryl, I am so glad you had such a great experience! What is your Doctor's name? Miss knitting with you! Take care. Debbie

Bren said...

So glad to hear that the procedure went well! Hope you are feeling better soon. For me, the anticipation of it was worse than the actual surgery and I was back to normal after 2 days. But I would milk it a little to get some more pampering and gourmet meals from Hubby and daughter! :)

Roxie said...

Oh thank God for modern medicine! Glad to hear that everything went so well. Now you be sure to be good and lazy for the next few days. Be gentle and kind to your body as you clear out the drugs. Lots of water, lots of naps, lots of knitting.

jomomma said...

Hope you are better real soon, my co-worker had a similar surgery the middle of June. We're headed to the LYS today for yarn therapy. I told her that it's a vital part of any recovery.

Sandra said...

great news! glad to hear it all went well - and to be out by noon! That's wonderful. I know the results will be as positive as the day was. Cheers!

Cindie Kitchin said...

So glad all went well and that the hospital was so great making a scary experience not so scary.

Benita said...

I am so happy that your surgery went well. Take it easy and let the others take care of you for a while. :)