Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Super Sized

Our weekend, mountain getaway had a daily visitor...this super sized bird...

It was standing in the meadow and looked like it was hunting for gophers.

When we tried to get closer for a better look it got nervous and flew away. 
So, all of these photos are from pretty far away. 
They're a little blurry because I zoomed in on my computer and cropped them to get a better look.

We thought it was big when it was just standing there...maybe three feet tall or more...
but, when it flew and spread it's wings we gasped at the large span.



Denise said...

Great blue Heron! Our townhouse in MN backed up to a small pond, Great Blues, Great Egrets, and green herons (much smaller than the Great Blue) were common visitors.

Roxie said...

Does anyone feel just the tiniest bit pregnant? Looks like a stork to me.

Sandra said...

We have a heron like that that hangs out in front of our cottage - spectacular birds.