Thursday, May 10, 2012

Salsa's New Toy

Salsa has a new toy. It's a squishy, rubber, yellow, doggie frisbee.
She was so excited to get it...even before she knew what we could do with it.
She even carried it on her walks when we were camping last weekend.

She caught on really fast with how it worked.

She was very focused.

She caught it!

She loves running around in the great outdoors! 

I love how she prances.

Her ears flopped around while she ran and they blew in the breeze.  Whee!

Time for another frisbee toss.  She decided to use her paws a bit this time to help her catch it.

Uh she gonna catch it?

Yay!  She got it!

Frisbee is so much fun!  She even learned to bring it back to us to throw it again...and again!

Yup...I think she likes her new toy!


Erin @Days to Remember said...

She is SO cute! I love dogs playing frisbee!!

lifeinredshoes said...

GO SALSA! Our lab used to love to play catch, but at 12 years old she now looks at us like....REALLY?

Can't wait to see your family room makeover. I have about a 5 year burn out cycle. Too bad the budget no longer allows for that luxury.

vicki said...

She is adorable-- so fun seeing these pictures. I bet she makes you smile about a hundred times a day--

Love her name-- Salsa-- so cute!