Tuesday, May 15, 2012

No Saddlebags!

I did it! I finally found the time to finish sewing a skirt I started weeks ago. And, it's just in time for the warm spring weather we're having. I just need to un-whiten my legs a bit and I'll be good to go!

My desire to sew clothes has lead to the purchase of lots of patterns and fabric over this past year.
One of the patterns I bought was Simplicity 2224. 
 I like the look of the skirt and the pockets put it over the top for me.  I love pockets!  
I love this fabric too.  The colors and pattern are so pretty.  It seemed perfect for a skirt.

After sewing the skirt, I realized why the model has her hands in her pockets....
it was to conceal the giant saddlebags!  I wondered if I had just sewn it wrong
but I saw that other people had the same results and complaint that I did when I Googled it.  Ugh! 
The pockets were one of the main reasons for choosing the pattern but they HAD to go!

One gone and one to go.

MUCH better!

I bought a new shirt a couple of months ago that just happens to match the greens in the skirt.  I think it looks ok.

What do you think?  Would you wear this shirt with this skirt?

I bought this cute pair of flip flops recently and I think they might look kind of cute with this too. 
This outfit is looking quite festive and summery.

I just realized that this outfit was pretty inexpensive too.  The skirt and pattern cost less than $10. 
The top was about $10.  And, the shoes were only $6.  That's $26 for everything.  Not bad.

I better get working on my tan so I can wear it.


Cindie said...

What a cute skirt! If you want pockets you could open up the side seams (that's assuming there are seams on each side) and put pockets that are hidden in the skirt.

The tee looks cute with it in the close-up picture, full length picture couldn't see the green in the skirt - flip-flops are great with it.

Benita said...

Definitely, I'd wear them all together - what a cute outfit!

And you are right, the pockets had to go. Whoa! Was this designed by a man? Because a woman would never purposefully put extra bulges on a skirt like that - unless she was nuts!

Sandra said...

love the tshirt and flip flops with the skirt - great fabric choice!
I always put side seam pockets in my skirts and pants - I NEED pockets, it seems... The saddlebag pockets did need to come off though.

Roxie said...

Move the pockets further to the front. Pockets are wonderfully useful! the shirt is a perfect color to go with the skirt,and the sandals are a joyous accessory. Cream, black, and tomato red will work splendidly with it as well. Oh, and terra-cotta! And of course, turquoise.

jomomma said...

Oh yeah, that's much better. I've learned over the years that when a model has her arms placed or body twisted in a certain way it's because the fit is wonky. Like most of the patterns in one of the knitting magazines I used to get. If you looked closely the underarms were always weird.