Tuesday, May 8, 2012


We loaded up our trailer and headed up the mountain last Thursday for a much needed, long weekend of relaxation at Hurkey Creek Campground near Idyllwild. The weather was wonderful! The day time temps were close to 70 with an occasional breeze. That was perfect for relaxing and knitting and for my hubby's mountain bike race on Saturday. The night temps were chilly, 30's and 40's, and great for sleeping. Clouds were building on Sunday while were packed up to leave. After we got home, we could see that the mountain was shrouded in thunderhead clouds. We wish we could have stayed up there a little longer and enjoyed the rumbling and possible rain.

There were very few wildflowers when we arrived. But, these started blooming while we were there.
 They seemed to appear quickly and out of nowhere.  An area might be flowerless in the morning but by afternoon be spotted with these.  I'm not sure if I've ever seen this kind before. 

The crisp white petals and frilly centers are pretty.  They start changing their appearance very quickly. 
The crisp white becomes a pale pink.

Next, the petals start turning pink from the center out.  It's almost like they're blushing or getting sunburned.

By the second day, they turn completely pink and start to shrivel and dry up.

Their bloom time is so short that they could easily be missed. 
 I feel lucky that I was there at the right time to see their beauty.


Roxie said...

Those flowers are too cool for school!

Denise said...

wow! Thanks for sharing!

vicki said...

Such a perfect respite-- sometimes you don't have to go very far away to take a wonderful vacation. The little flowers are lovely--