Monday, January 2, 2012

Delightful Doilies

I'm happy to share that all of the gifts I made and gave this Christmas were hits. Everyone seems to love them. That always feels great! I enjoyed making them and I like that some of them helped me do a little de-stashing of fabric and yarn.

These three doilies were no exception. I used yarn from my stash for all of them.

I used patterns from booklets I had for thread crochet doilies. They worked great with larger yarn and larger hooks. I made a few modifications to this one to eliminate some of the bulky texture of clusters and to make it so I could complete it with one, 120 yard ball of yarn. If I make this one again, I'll use an "H" hook instead of an "I" so it will be a little tighter. But, it turned out pretty. Not sure what happened to this photo. It looks a little squashed. I don't remember it looking like that. Maybe I goofed a little in my blocking. Ooops! But, the recipient loved it and had plans right away of where she was going to put it.

I forgot to measure them but I think they all turned out to be about 12"-14" wide/across. I like the pattern I used on the next two. It's a little more frilly and didn't need much modification. This white one was made with about 107 yards of KoolSpun Cotton. I liked working with this yarn. It was softer than Sugar N Cream.

This red one was made with a 120 yard ball of Sugar N Cream. The person I'm giving this one to hasn't gotten it yet. But, I have a feeling she'll love it because red is her favorite color. I can picture it in her kitchen that has so many other red things in it.

That makes three happy me. And, that's three less balls of yarn in my stash.


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

they're lovely....makes me think I might need a few for the beach cottage.....will add to my long fiber to-do list...

jomamma said...

Very pretty, doilies were my mom's specialty. My sister has over 175 different sizes of doilies that were starched stiff to be used as Christmas Decorations. They look beautiful when they are the only thing on a Christmas tree besides tiny white lights.

Life Looms Large said...

They're beautiful....and remind me of snow! (We got our first real snow of the season today.)


RodPrjónar said...

What great idea to use the stash! If I only were better at crocheting! That is one of the things that in my "pending list". I find crochet very interesting but I haven't really gotten into it.

They were for sure a hit!