Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kool Kolors

A couple of weeks ago, my daughter and I decided to play around with some Kool Aid and yarn. We divided an eight ounce skein of Lion Brand Fishermen's Wool yarn into two skeins and got started.

I wanted a solid blue yarn. My daughter decided to go for multi colored yarn. She mixed colors in three different jars, yellow, green and blue/green and set them into a large pot of water. Each color was customized by mixing various flavors. She carefully placed sections of the yarn into the jars. She dipped the in-between sections into color for short periods of time and moved it around to give gradual change to the colors and avoid white sections.

We cooked our yarn until all the color was gone and then a little longer to set it. We then turned the stove off and let our yarn skeins cool before washing and rinsing them. Sudden temperature changes could lead to felting and we wanted to avoid that. It's so cool how all the color gets absorbed into the yarn. I'm not sure why the water becomes white/milky though.

I had planned to make a darker, more denim type of blue but wasn't able to find the flavor I needed. This turquoise is very pretty though.

My daughter's yarn turned out gorgeous! She had so much fun and was so excited to see that it turned out exactly as she had hoped.

Such pretty colors...

We just couldn't stop taking pictures of it...

Even Duchess likes it...well...maybe not the colors, but she liked how it moved as we wound it into a ball.


We can see how dying yarn could be addicting! We're already thinking of more colors and combinations we want to try. Kool!


Benita said...

I love the look on Duchess' face! Could a cat be enjoying herself more?

Absolutely lovely yarn, and I'm going to steal your daughter's trick and try it with natural dyes. Who knows, it might work!

KarenB said...

Now that looks fun! I can't wait to see what you're going to make with these beautiful yarns!

RodPrjónar said...

Hi :)
I have just seen your comment on my blog... thank you so much for visiting me!
Wow! These colors are wonderful! I have this terrible weakness for green and all its shades (and any earthy color as well!).
The shades of green and yellow of this yarn are so peaceful and quite!
Do you have any idea of what you will make with it?