Monday, August 1, 2011

My Maia

I'm so excited to have time to play with yarn again! In the past week, I not only started a pair of socks and made a mini sock but I also finished my "Clever Little Shawl". I just need to block it before I post about it. And, since I finished a project, I finally felt good about starting another one that's been waiting for me for a while. It's the "Maia Shawl". I'm using Madeline Tosh Lace yarn that I bought earlier this year specifically for a crochet lace shawl. I'm so excited about this pattern and this yarn. They're both beautiful.

I'm about 12 rows into the pattern. It doesn't have a chart but it's written very well. It's easy to understand and follow. However, it takes more concentration than any other crochet lace shawl I've made so far because it's so different and intricate. I've had to work on it when I know there won't be any noise or distractions. I'm getting the hang of how it works though and I have a feeling that I'll be able to work on it with less focus as I get further into the project. I'm using a size G hook and I think I'm happy with how it looks. It should open up nicely when it's blocked without looking too loose and loopy. Although, if I decide to go with a larger hook, I should probably do that soon so I won't have to rip out quite so much. I can't wait to see how this turns out!


Benita said...

There's one thing that is better about crochet over knitting - the intricate details! Look at those lovely flowers!! This is going to be a very sweet shawl and the color is wonderful.

jomamma said...

That color is awesome! I've gone crochet stupid I guess. I can't seem to get the hang of it anymore.