Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Colorful Cotton Calling

I have a growing collection of cotton yarn in beautiful colors. It calls to me whenever I go into my studio. I even think about it when I'm not in there. I've been waiting for months for just the right inspiration and project to use it for. I keep going back to the African Flower Hexagon pattern and admiring the gorgeous projects people have made with it.

Last week, I decided to just go for it and try the African Flowers. Two of the colors I have are this pretty pink and green. I thought they would look great together...

I was wrong! In person, the green glows and looks really bad in this flower.

I made another one without the green and it looked much better. I also made one with orange and another with red.

However, I'm not sold on this project. The motifs are much larger (5") and open than I thought and I'm just not thrilled with them. I tried a couple different sizes of hooks but "G" worked the best. Smaller hook sizes made it hard to work with this thickness of yarn. I think I'll send all my cotton yarns back to the stash until I find something better for them. It was fun trying though. :-)


jomamma said...

Oh, but I like the green, it looks like a cute little flower.

Benita said...

So what are you going to use your samples for? Mug rugs? Trivets?

And I liked the green, too, for what it's worth.