Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Clever FO

Way back in April I started knitting "Carol's Clever Little Shawl". It's adorable and the pattern is pretty easy. In fact, it got a little boring. That's probably why it took me so long to finish it. It's done in short rows back and forth, from top to bottom. So, the rows are quick. But, it's a lot of the same thing and lots of mindless garter stitch knitting...which definitely has it's place...like in group/social knitting situations. When I finally finished it in July, I got so busy that I didn't get around to blocking it until now. No hurry since I may not be able to wear it for a while...it's 104 degrees out today!

It would look much nicer on a person...with arms...but it's kind of hot to be modeling it. So, here it is on my dress form. I think I'm really going to enjoy how it connects in the front. It should stay on nicely.

The points are a nice touch and blocked out nicely.

I used filatura Lanarota Puno, alpaca yarn that I had. I think it took four skeins (less than 400 yards). For needles, I used size 7 for the points and body of the shawl and size 5 for the ribbed pockets that the points slide through.

Here's the shape of it. This is before blocking.

Here's another picture of it before blocking. The points were a bit curly.

My mom recently finished one with an acrylic yarn from the craft store and it looks beautiful! I'd love to make more of these because they're so cute and clever. But, I'll have to wait until I'm ready to start another mindless project.


KarenB said...

Very, Very pretty. You're so darn productive. I'm still plugging along on old projects. Maybe it's because I'm not knitting too much these days. Could be.

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

I have that shawl waiting in the wings....good to know it's mindless, would be great to have going for a take-a-long project....and good to know it can get boring.....

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful shawl! I really like the look!

Vanessa in Oklahoma

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful shawl! I really like the look!

Vanessa in Oklahoma

Benita said...

I love a shawl that will stay closed while you work around.

Our temperatures finally broke earlier this month. Yesterday is reached into the 90's, but today's high is only supposed to be about 80. This is how summer should be!