Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simple Gestures

There are some things I miss from "the old days". One is small and special...the simple thank you card. It seems that very few people take the time to send them out these days. I'm not sure why. They're something that takes very little time but can mean so much to the receiver. It's just a small note, with a few sentences, to show appreciation for a gift or something they've done.

I try to always take the time to send a thank you...even if it's sometimes online because of the lack of an address or something. I've even received phone calls thanking me for my thank you notes and the recipients telling me how much the cards meant to them (that always makes my day). It always means a lot to me to receive them too, even though, these days, it seems to be a rare occurance.

I just sent out a stack today, thanking everyone for the gifts we received at Christmas. Mine weren't handmade this time, but my daughter's were. Aren't they pretty?! I couldn't resist showing them to you. :-)

Thank you for stopping by. :-)


Sandra said...

becasue I love to make cards, I always look for an opportunity to send them, and thank you's are perfect.
My son has made all his thank you cards for Christmas, and now he's writing them (a task akin to pulling teeth!). He's not thrilled with the task, but he knows the reason WHY he's doing it, so that's good.

Debbie said...

I love receiving thank you cards also. These are really pretty, please tell Lauren I said so.

Benita said...

They are lovely and she is quite talented.

Sel and Poivre said...

Oh those cards are beautiful - as is the sentiment of sending them! I must admit, a few years ago I came to terms with the fact that I am a purchaser and writer of thank you notes but apparently not a sender. I never seem to make it to the mail with them - they end up in my car, purse, on the hall table, in a stack on my desk - anywhere but in the mail box. I'm quite obsessive about a million other social niceties but the thank you note thing? Its just not me. Go figure.

Life Looms Large said...

I love sending thank you cards and giving hostess gifts. I guess that was one of those childhood lessons that stuck with me.....because I remember when writing them was like pulling teeth.

And aren't comments like little tiny "thank you for posting" cards?