Monday, January 25, 2010

10,000 Steps and Counting

Last year, in an attempt to try and get fit, I bought a new pedometer...

I'd tried other ones over the years and became frustrated with how they weren't consistent in working. Sometimes they worked. Sometimes they didn't. It seemed to matter how high or low my waistband was or something. I never quite figured it out. But, this Omron Pedometer is great! It works whether it's in my pocket, on my waist, even in my purse (I still can't figure out how that works!), upside down, right side up or backwards. I love it! It gives me lots of different many total steps in my day, total of moderate steps for the day (steps more worthy of true "exercise"), total steps since I changed the battery or reset it, calories burned, miles, time, etc. It even has a little leash with a clip to keep it from falling out onto the ground, taking a dive into the toilet, or getting lost. And, when I don't have a pocket, it has a handy clip to slide it into. :-)

My original goal with this pedometer was to get 10,000 steps each day. I did pretty well in the beginning but my numbers have been declining. However, I've been finding a lot of motivation lately at another blog, "Basically Benita". Benita is teaming up with other bloggers so we can reach our weight loss and fitness goals together. There's something about doing these kinds of things with other people that really helps a LOT.

Today, she posted a great idea..."The 10,000 Step Club". I think this is just the motivation I needed to get me excited and going again. It'll be so much more fun to do it with more people, be accountable to one another, and see our progress. Not to mention that Benita's enthusiasm is contagious! I've been waking up in the morning and thinking how Benita is probably on her treadmill and it's been getting me on mine or out the door for a walk. Thanks, Benita!

Would you be interested in joining in on the fun and walking a path to better health? Join us! And, don't be shy, let us know. There's a lot of motivation and power in just telling someone that you're going to start walking and being more healthy. If you need even more motivation, Benita's even going to have a contest! Check it out HERE!


Benita said...

Well, I have to admit that knowing that my getting up at 5 AM and hitting the treadmill is getting someone else motivated to do the same will make it that much easier for me to do so. So, can you be motivated by the person who is motivated by you? I think you can!!!

It's quarter til 7 in the evening and I have 9,503 steps in right now. I will have my 10,000 steps in easily by the time I go to bed tonight. Woohoo!!!

Sel and Poivre said...

Today on a cold, damp and very slippery Toronto morning I was out on my walking route and I thought of a knit blogger in Germany who has had the same effect on me as you say Benita has had on you!
Congratulations of finding a pedometer that works for you! It sounds like you are well on your way to getting fit!