Friday, January 8, 2010

Magic Needles

About a month ago I posted about how I've been diagnosed with tendonitis in my elbows and how much pain I've been in. A couple of you suggested acupuncture. I researched it and quickly gave it a try.

It was amazing how much it helped with the very first treatment! I could finally sleep at night. However, I could only afford a couple of treatments. Luckily, I found out that my insurance provider has their own acupuncturist and I was able to get my doctor (with a little pressure) to give me a referral.

I had to wait a month to get in and my first treatment was this week. I found it interesting, yet again, that it was nothing like I had read in the countless stories online. And, that it was different than my first acupuncture treatment. I guess they're like chiropractors, they all do things a little differently.

This one came in and quickly started putting needles into my arms, around the elbows (three in each, I think), and putting them in VERRRY deeply, as far as they'd go, even indenting the skin!!! OUCH!!!! The pain was soooo intense that I thought I was going to pass out! He explained that the pain in my elbows is like a pressure cooker and the needles are like vents, letting it out. That could explain why the left side (the one that has been so bad) hurt wayyyyyy more! Thank goodness he didn't ask me to move my arms around like the first acupuncturist did!!! I think I would have blacked out right then and there!!!

I'm so glad my daughter went with me because she was able to get a wet cloth to wipe my face. Ahhh! She told me to think happy thoughts. Problem was, the pain was so intense that I couldn't come up with a single thing. She calmly started describing happy memories and it helped so much! What a great girl! :-)

I'm seeing improvement each day since. It's amazing! I woke up this morning and could move my arm without any discomfort. It still hurts when I move it in certain ways but that seems to be improving too. Strange magic!

I have more treatments scheduled in the coming months. I wish they could be like I've read...painless and relaxing! But, the improvement and increased ability to use my arms and get back to normal living is worth it.

I also pressured my doctor into giving me a referral for physical therapy. I want to learn how to strengthen my arm without hurting it again. That starts next week.


Benita said...

Why do you have to pressure your doctor into referring you for these treatments? A doctor ought to be willing to do whatever needs to be done in order to make you better.

What do you mean this isn't a perfect world? :)

I am glad you are getting the help you need, though. Get better soon!!

Acorn to Oak said...

My doctor had given me drugs and when that didn't work, he wanted to give me stronger drugs and injections. I refused, explained what I wanted and I finally got it.

I think our healthcare system is based on drugs and the money made from them. So, that's what they try to give...even when it's not what we want.

I sure wish they'd focus more on trying other methods of treating us for things. I think it would be more successful and safer.

Acorn to Oak said...

P.S. I also think that alternative treatments are a foreign thing to many Western doctors...unfortunately.

jomamma said...

Medical care in the US stinks on ice! They like getting us addicted to the drugs because they get kick backs from the drug companies. Have you ever been in a Dr. office on Mondays around noon or 4:30? They are full of Pharmaceutical reps. They know other methods are cures and would take our business away from their treatments which are just a mask for the pain or problem. It took my husband throwing a wall-eyed fit(pressure) to be referred to a ENT after years of treating "sinus headaches/sinus infections." The ENT found that he had Hodgkins! I truly believe had he had a treatment that steered him toward a cure rather than masked the pain all those years (7+) he wouldn't have developed the cancer.

And people wonder why I don't like going to the Dr... I prefer to go to the Chiro and the Acupuncturist. I'm sorry your treatment hurts. Does your Acupuncturist also give you herbal teas?

Sandra said...

your daughter sounds like a life saver. Keep her - she's a good one!

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

I'm just starting to get a sore elbow from knitting too much. I think I may try some acupuncture to keep it from getting any worse.

Debbie said...

Cheryl I am so glad the acupuncture is working for you, what doctor are you going to?

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks, Debbie. Right now, I'm going to one at Kaiser in Corona. It sure hurts, but it seems to be worth it.

Pickyknitter said...

Pain is BAD. It should NOT hurt. The insurance needs to let you find a good practitioner. My aunt is a licensed acupunturist in San Diego. she went to Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and I *think* they do some lower-cost programs thru the school.