Monday, February 23, 2009

Color for a Gray Day

We've had a lot of gray and gloomy days lately. So, today, when I was doing a little housecleaning, I decided pull out a red table cloth to add a little color and cheer. That looked nice...but it needed something. Hmmmmm? Flowers! But, were there any in the yard in the middle of winter? Yes! My trusty, ever-blooming (almost) Calla Lillies! I love the simple lines of them. They're so beautiful!

Since there weren't a lot of them to hold each other up in the vase, I decided to try one of the antique flower frogs that I have, but never use. I placed it in the bottom of a vase and pressed the stems down onto the points. They all stayed right where I wanted them. What a great little tool! I'll definitely be using that again!

Cheery color and flowers on a gray winter day! The next best thing to a little sunshine! :-)

1 comment:

KarenB said...

So, my flower frog collection is not just for show? This is a lovely color boost. Thanks!