Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Knitting Diseases

Lately I seem to have a bad case of 'finishitis'. I've been so focused on finishing a couple of projects that I haven't been starting new ones. Weird! But good...kinda. It gets a bit dull sometimes. But, I think I feel a case of 'startitis' coming on.....

I've been finding myself looking through patterns, hoping to find a new and exciting project to start on...but...just when I think I've decided on something, I tell myself that I need to stay focused on my Crescendo Shawl and adding to my stack of completed washcloths for Christmas. I don't want to set these projects aside and forget about them. These projects are fun but they keep going and going and going....I knit and knit and knit on the shawl and feel like I've made huge progress only to measure and find out that I've only added another inch or so. Hmmmmff!

Maybe a new project once in a while will keep breathing life and fun back into these ongoing projects. I do have a bit of a challenge though in finding a new project...the pattern I choose needs to work with one of the yarns I already have. I have so many nice yarns that need to be used and I'm trying not to buy more yarn until I make a significant... really significant...dent in my stash. Well, with the exception of all the Sugar N Cream I've bought over the past few months...I guess I can't stop buying yarn all together...that would be like an addict giving up their vice...and, I'm defiitely a yarn addict! But, seriously...I do have some nice yarns. I just need to be a good matchmaker and find perfect matches for them. So...as long as I don't start another big project...I think it would be okay to start a new, shorter one here and there.

So....maybe startitis won't be a bad thing as long as I don't recover from finishitis completely!

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Sel and Poivre said...

Projects that seem to go on forever can be so draining but it sure feels good when they're done! Hang in there - the end can't be that far off for the shawl and washcloths can it?