Friday, August 29, 2008

Eye Candy Goes Coastal

The beautiful California coast! One of the many awesome things I love about living in California. I love the beach for so many reasons...the temperature; the fresh clean air; the moisture in the air (I live in the desert); the soft sand under my toes; the water; the way I feel when I'm there; and all the beautiful and amazing things to see...

These are a type of jelly fish that sometimes cover the beaches. When they do they look like litter, until you look more closely. They have a beautiful cobalt blue edge and the clear disk on the top acts like a sail to propel them along through the water. Their tentacles are very short and we've heard that they don't sting.

The colors in these succulent plants are so pretty. It's amazing how they can grow in the side of a rock!

I love the beautiful, bright, orange color of this moss. Wow!

Of course, people watching is always fun too! This is my little nephew on his very first trip to the beach. When his mom sat him down on the sand he immediately started crawling toward the water. He loved it! Smart boy! :-)

It's interesting to me how beaches can be so different...even in one area like Southern California. The sand can be soft or course, white or yellow, rocky or smooth. The water can be crystal clear or kinda muddy, turquoise blue or kinda green. The water can be icey cold or wonderfully warm. Yet, sometimes the similarities are amazing. Like San Diego beaches and Hawaii. The water here is often crystal clear with beautiful colors like Hawaii. The water is a lot warmer in Hawaii but many sights remind us of "home".

Here are a couple of pictures taken from the condo we stayed at in Maui a couple years ago, looking over Napili Bay toward the Island of Molokai. Soooo beautiful! (Click to enlarge)

It's a gorgeous place to visit and I hope to go there many more times. But, in the meantime, it's so great to have a little slice of coastal heaven in our own backyard!

I think it's time for a trip to the beach!

Happy Labor Day!


Lisa said...

Wow, looks like a good time. now I feel the urge to become nomadic.

Sel and Poivre said...

How wonderful to have the California Coast close by to enjoy! That orange moss is really fantastic!