Friday, June 13, 2014

Kitty Yarn

I have a friend that's a very talented yarn dyer.
She recently came up with a new colorway that she calls, "Soft Kitty".
It was love at first sight for me because it's not only beautiful but it's also the same 
colors as my dear kitty, Penelope.  Could there be a more perfect than that?!

I gasped when I saw it!  Without any thought, I immediately ordered two skeins.
I had no idea yet what I'd make with it but I had to have it!  I call the color, "Penelope".

Here's a picture of my dear Penelope to compare colors.
My daughter took this photo.  I think Penelope likes having her photo taken!

And, just one more because she's so darn cute.

My yarn dyer friend is not only talented but she's super sweet and thoughtful too.
 Over this last weekend, she worked hard to dye the two skeins for me so I could take it on my trip.  She thought it would be like taking Penelope with me.  Isn't that sweet?! It just blows me away to have someone do something so thoughtful for me like that!  And, yes, it went in my bag immediately.  There's no way I'd leave this at home!  Thanks, M!  You're a gem!

If you haven't already visited her Etsy shop you should head over and take a look.
She creates some of the most beautifully colored yarns I've seen.  She has some kits with patterns created especially with and for her yarn.  And, she's big in the whole mini skein craze.  She sells beautiful collections of minis.  Her beautiful Inner Yarn Zen yarns can be found HERE on Facebook and HERE on Etsy.  And, if you see one of her beautiful yarns on Facebook and can't find it in the shop, be sure to message her.  It just might be a color she can repeat and create just for you!


Cindie said...

The yarn is beautiful, as is Penelope!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you have such a great friend :)

Mereknits said...

I love it, the perfect color. Good for you getting it before your trip. your friend is very talented.

Delighted Hands said...

Great looking yarn! It will be a perfect tribute for your kitty!