Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Spring Cleaning in My Studio

I love my craft studio and it gets a lot of use.  One of the more recent uses was for the Care Package Project.  For over a month the table was covered in boxes, donations, and projects we were working on to make them extra nice.  The table and room seemed so bare once the boxes were sent off.  That inspired some spring cleaning.  I started cleaning, dusting, and re-organizing

This morning, I finally put the new cutting mat on the table that my husband gave me for Christmas.

I can't believe what a perfect fit it is for my table!

It's so much bigger than the one I've been using for over 25 years.
It'll be so much easier to cut fabric on!

I kind of needed a new one!  The old one was supposed to be "self healing" and it was for a long time.  But, I have a feeling they weren't meant to be used this long.  It's been cracking and falling apart
over the past few years.  I got a LOT of use out of it.

Here's the other side of the room.  I love my chandelier!
I just need to make some window treatments.  That would make the room look great!

I still haven't figured out how to make the working/supply side of the room prettier.
Lots of supplies are easily accessible though.  There's also a walk-in closet in the room.

I've had some red transferware plates sitting around for a while.  I just couldn't decide where I wanted to hang them.  Plus, I have trouble committing to a decision when it comes to hanging things on the walls.  I think that's weird since I used to hang tons of stuff on my walls.  Anyway, it popped in my head to try them in the studio and they looked so good that I actually hung them up!
You can see them in the top photo too.

The bins that used to fill the studio closet are now spilling into the room.
These two have yarn in them...along with several in the closet.

And, these are filled with fabric and patterns...

I really want to work through the materials in these bins.
I'd like to have less bins and materials, and more space.
The satisfaction of all the things I could make would be great!
I'm determined!  Now, if I can just match patterns and projects to the stash I have!


Patty Antle said...

I love posts about studios! Yours is great! I didn't know they made cutting mats like that. I'm still old school with scissors and the cardboard fold up kind. I don't do much sewing. I love bins too and your chandy is lovely!

judith said...

That looks great. I'm too embarrassed to show pictures of my craft room.

Julie Nichols said...

I'm in love with your craft room!
Your plates caught my eye and they give your room a pretty touch. Such a nice room to work in. Did your husband sneak in and measure your table for a perfect fit for your cutting mat?...very nice gift!

Cindie said...

Your studio is lovely! What a wonderful place to create.

Your supply area looks great - you should see my studio lined with shelves on all the walls.

mamasmercantile said...

What a lovely studio, the plates and the chandelier are really pretty.

deb said...

Just like Patty, I love posts about studios too! love your dress mold, book case and red transferware ♥

Jo said...

Love your room and look at that mat - what a perfect fit. Happy crafting Jo x

Sel and Poivre said...

I'm deep in the midst of using up stuff on hand after 6 weeks or so at it I'm really starting to see great results. It feels so good, looks and functions so much better!

Sandra said...

What a great room! I'd love an extra room in our house to house everything - currently I have my sewing and paper stuff in the basement, and the yarn is kind of everywhere else...

Delighted Hands said...

Oh yeah, the ideas have to come first- now you will accomplish your goals! I'm glad you have a new cutting mat! The new one will call you to work on projects! lol

Unknown said...

You will be able to do SO much work in that beautiful studio! And oh how I envy that work table and mat. Your supply area looks lovely - organized and useful. And the plates are perfect on that wall. Good on you!

lynn cockrell said...

Your craft/work room is beautiful! It has been my experience that the self-healing boards are not made for heavy duty things, especially rotary cutters, etc. I cut the one I have in several spots and, believe me, those wounds do not heal! I have the harder plastic style one now. It looks a lot like the one in your photo. It works much better, though I admit I try to go easier with it so as not to scratch or cut it as badly as I did the other one! Enjoy your great studio!

Mereknits said...

Wow, I just love your space, it is perfect. The table is big enough to do so much on. Love your shelves and all the baskets. Great space.

Unknown said...

What a great space to create! I am so jealous! I am crammed into the dining room I am supposed to be in the corner but I kinda took over the whole room!