Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Letter G

This week's alphabet photo challenge letter is "G".

Gray Metal and Groovy Wires
A metal container I use to store my circular knitting needles.

Green Glass

Green Bottle
A bottle of Amaretto we received for Christmas.
I love the bottle!

We live near a gourd farm and I have lots of these with lots of creative plans for them.

My lemon-rose geranium. smells so good.
I also have a lemon geranium and a gingerbread geranium
(oops...I should have photographed that one with all those G's!).
And, really does smell like gingerbread.

Gray on a Gift Bag



 And...more Grass along my morning walk
(cell phone photos)

The reed on my weaving loom.


The letter "G" on a bottle of hand soap.

Gee...that was challenging!


Judy S said...

I love that green bottle too...almost as much as your parting comment that made me really laugh out loud! :-D

I love the way you off-centered the gourd and photographed it in such a nondescript setting. It really lets the gourd speak volumes.

Great job!!

Unknown said...

You did Good! And now, I bet you are hunting H's like I am. This is such a fun challenge.

Your photography skills rock!

September Violets said...

Good golly! Great "G's"! Wendy :)

Bernadett said...

Lovely Gs.:)

Delighted Hands said...

Green glass is one of my favorites-very nice post!

The Polka Dot Closet said...

Gray and Groovy lol!! Love it, I'd say you nailed the "G"