Friday, July 12, 2013

Diamond Flowers Shawl

My Diamond Flowers shawl is done!

It's crocheted with just over three skeins (about 800 total yards) of Spud & Chloe Fine Sock Yarn.
It's 80% superwash wool and 20% silk.  I would expect it to be soft because of the silk.
However, it really isn't very soft at all.  And, washing it didn't seem to help.  
In fact, it seems a little less soft and even a bit scritchy after washing and blocking.  Hmmm?

I sure love the color though.

I crocheted it with the recommended hook size of "I".
That gave it a light, open, airy look.

This is one of my favorite colors.  Look! matches my favorite pair of earrings!

I think I'll find lots of things to wear it with.
Here's one idea...a pair of jeans and a white shirt.

I think it would look cute with short sleeves, a tank top or a dress too.
The finished size of 26" wide by 76" long will give it lots of versatility.

Overall, I like the shawl and the pattern was easy to understand. 
It has a regular pattern and chart for a skinny/scarf size and an enlarged/customize-able/shawl size.
I did the enlarged size with 96 stitches to start.

The only problem I had was making silly mistakes (often) that I didn't notice
until rows later.  The mistakes are hard to spot sometimes because the openness of it.
At one point, I missed a mistake and didn't catch it until I was on the last row.
I had to rip back an entire skein and then some to fix it.  Ugh!

With all the stitching, ripping, and re-stitching, I think I did enough stitching
for at least two shawls.  But, in the end, I only have one.  Oh well.
It was fun and I really like the end result.


Debbie's Dialect said...

Wow Cheryl, this is beautiful!

Debbie's Dialect said...

Wow Cheryl, this is beautiful!

Cindie said...

Oh it's so beautiful!
On the silly mistakes - looking at the up side, it's easier to take out crochet than knitting.....that's how I look at it to make me feel better....

Art and Sand said...

The color is beautiful and the design is wonderful.

I like the ideas of jeans and a white shirt.

kathyinozarks said...

I Love this-it's gorgeous-what a beautiful color and pattern.
Next time for softness perhaps add some vinegar to the rinse water-I only use vinegar now in my everyday wash and everything comes out soft

Lenora said...

Beautiful! It looks like you. Did you consider soaking it in cool water that has a dab of hair conditioner or lanolin? Sometimes that helps.

FredaB said...

You did a beautiful job of this. I like the look of it with the hite shirt and jeans.


Bernadett Rauski said...

Wonderful.:) I just love it.:)

benita said...

Just the color of the summer sky - it is very pretty. I agree that it will go with lots of things and be very wearable.

judith said...

You do some amazing work... Have you paired it with red, or brown? Orange would be good too and orange is so in this year.

September Violets said...

The shawl is gorgeous!! I love that shade of blue too (my daughter's favourite colour!). I'm so glad you persevered with all the ripping out and correcting the mistakes ... now you can look at it with pride :)

I've been a bit negligent in keeping up with blogging now that summer is here, but I've read back through your entries to catch up. Your trip to the Yarnover truck to collect your yarn sounded like a great day trip ... how wonderful that they had the yarn and kept it for you. I've been enjoying the "letter" photos as well, you've come up with such interesting ideas for the challenge. Have a great week Cheryl! Wendy x

Judy S said...

The shawl is beautiful!!! So sorry that it's not as soft as you thought it would be :-(

Congrats on finishing the project, especially with how much of a story there is! :-)

Roxie said...

Wonderful color and beautiful results! I'm with Lenora. Try a rinse with some hair conditioner.

Life Looms Large said...

That is so beautiful! You always manage to make crochet look amazing!!

Picking back a whole skein sounds pretty painful....hopefully you'll forget that part soon!

Congrats on a beautiful finished project!!!


Vicki Boster said...

Cheryl-- this is absolutely gorgeous and the color is pure bliss! I think this is just incredible-- gosh you're good!! You really are my hero when it comes to knitting and crochet- everything you make is stunning :)