Tuesday, May 14, 2013

More Fun Finds

I have some fun finds I'd love to share...

I recently saw a blog post about the 100th anniversary of Ball canning jars.
Turns out they're making some limited edition blue jars to celebrate.
I love canning jars and started collecting them when I was in my 20's.
So, this was exciting news.  I quickly went to the Ball website and found them.
However, the cost of shipping is about the same as the price of the set of jars.
I wasn't sure I wanted to spend that much on jars that I don't really need.

I'm glad I waited because I found them today in my local Target store.
What a surprise!  Yay!  I now have the set of jars and didn't have to pay shipping.

They're pint size so they aren't very big.  But, isn't the blue color pretty?
I think it would be great if they'd make them in various sizes and sell them on a regular basis.
And, even better, I think it would be awesome if they made them in green, yellow, pink
and maybe some other colors too.  Wouldn't they be great? 

I could really use some small side tables and I've been searching for some at good prices. 
Last week, I popped into one of my favorite little antique shops and found a little side table
for only $28!  It was freshly painted with Annie Sloan paint and waxed.
It's cute, sturdy and the neutral color should work great in any room.
One down...still looking for more.  

A while ago, I remembered a beautiful metal tray my mom used have and asked her about it.
She recently found it and gave it to me.  It turns out that it was one of their wedding gifts.
That makes it even more special.  I didn't measure it but it looks like it's about 16"x20"

I found this wonderful Santo a couple of years ago...

 After I brought her home, I thought it would be nice to find something tall to set her on.
I thought an antique plant stand would be nice.  I began my search and eventually found
a black, wood stand that I thought would work perfectly.  And, it was less than $20.

I moved it out of the normal place to get a full photo of it.

Here's the base.  I love the chipped paint and worn, old look of it.
I'm not sure what it was originally but it's perfect to hold my Santo.

Now, to find the perfect places in my home to display my new treasures!  :-)


Cindie Kitchin said...

A little table after my own heart! I love little antique tables. I've been told I'm on a table diet but if I see a good deal I won't be able to resist.

Those new ball glass jars are great - I'll have to check out the Target in this area or other stores.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Love the Ball Jars. I bought a very old blue qt. jar from an antique store a couple of months ago and paid a lot of money for it. Who knew they would become so valuable. I have started using the jars for food storage.....from beans in the pantry to left overs in the fridge. Foods stored in the fridge seems to stay much fresher and for longer. Thank you for sharing yours with us. Now, I have to go check our Target for some new blue ones. Oh, btw...I store seashells in my antique one. So, so pretty.

KarenB said...

The table is adorable. And what a great price! I love it that your tray was a wedding gift to your parents. That makes it priceless! Had fun with you today.

Benita said...

I love old canning jars! My grandmother still cans with the ones she had when I was a child, just getting new lid liners when she needs them.

That tray looks lovely. I love the floral design on it and at 16 X 20, it's big enough to anything.

Sandra said...

great finds! ANd I love the blue jars - Now that Target is in Canada, I'll have to look at mine. One would look great as a vase with wildflowers all jumbled up in it.
Plus, I use them for storing all kinds of stuff - especially at the cottage where you have to keep critters at bay!

September Violets said...

I love the old blue jars, and this new version is quite pretty too! I was able to scam some from my parents' basement when we cleared the house ... mostly clear glass, but about 6 blue ones ;) I use them to store sewing notions. Love that little table too. Enjoy the rest of your week! Wendy

Susan said...

That santo on the plant stand is just stunning! It's beautiful! And I love the little table. It's hard to find something in such good shape for such a good price. That painted tray would be perfect for a summer deck party!

Quinn said...

I saw those Ball jars at the feed store today, and my first thought was "why not quarts?" I have some of the old blue bail-tops inherited from my Aunt Ruby, and they are really pretty - a softer shade than the new ones, but maybe that's age. Does glass fade with age? Like I'm doing?

Wanda @ Just Vintage said...

That little table is darling! And love the Santos and stand and tray. I have a similar tray that was also my mother's. :-) And now, I'll have to look for those Ball jars. Pint size sounds extra cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog and the sweet comment!

judith said...

Oh wow, I'm going to get a set of the jars for a friend that collects Mason/Ball jars also. She'll love these.

Patty said...

Love your treasures, every single one of them!

~*~Patty S said...

Love your Santo...she is a beauty!

the blue jars really speak to me too...

lovely treasures one and all