Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Salsa Dancing in the Leaves

Our Thanksgiving trip to Zion included my whole family...my hubby, my daughter and...yes...our dog, Salsa, and cat, Duchess. They love to go bye-bye as much as we do. The cat enjoys lounging in the backseat with my daughter as we travel. After arrival, Duchess lounges around under cozy blankets and takes in the view through the trailer windows. Salsa is happy to go anywhere. We just say "wanna go bye-bye?" and she's up and ready to go. Even when it's the vet! Lucky for her, this was a much better trip. It included lots of extra time with us and more walks than usual. She was an extra happy girl!

Zion had something she loves....LEAVES! She likes it when we kick them or toss them up in the air. Yippee!

Dance for joy!

Leap into the air and catch the leaves! Wooohooo!

She got to wear her new little red coat for those chilly morning walks. Hubby puts up with the coat. At least it's not a frilly pink dress or something! I like that she seems to enjoy wearing it and it keeps her warm. We kept her long and shaggy for this trip so she could stay warmer. But, she quickly went to the doggy groomer for a haircut when we got back. She's now back to her trim, stylish and beautiful self. I should have taken a picture of her new "do" but we've been so busy snuggling with her clean and velvety soft self and we haven't taken the time. What a cutie and sweetheart she is! We love our Salsa! :-D


Bonnie Wilson said...

Love the action shots. She's doin' the Happy Dance!

Susan Harvey said...

Ah, what a sweetie! That's neat playing with the leaves... ours wants to play with the squirrels!

We just had our Calli to the groomers and her coat is really like velvet!

They feel better in themselves for getting that long coat off.

Thanks for sharing Salsa with us

Sel and Poivre said...

"What a Cutie" is right!

Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

What a happy pooch!

vicki said...

What a sweet little doggie - dancing around and having a good time! Love that cute little red coat - a real fashion statement!


KarenB said...

Salsa is so cute!