Monday, September 26, 2011

Sugar Addiction

To Sugar N Cream yarn, that is. I think the Lily yarn company is wonderful and genius. Really! They create a yarn that is made from cotton, a wonderful, non-itchy, earth friendly, natural fiber. They dye it in gorgeous, irresistible colors or leave it beautifully natural. Then, they sell it in little balls for .99 cents to a couple dollars. Who could resist? Beautiful and so cheap that I can buy it guilt free! And, I do...over and over and over! I've bought a lot of balls just because they were pretty and cheap. I have over a dozen in my stash. However, I prefer to buy it with a project in mind and most of the time I do. I've gone through dozens of balls of Sugar N Cream yarn to make dish cloths, wash cloths, shower puffs, placemats, doilies, coasters, bags and more.

I love Sugar N Cream so much that I'm always trying to find new projects to use it for. A few weeks ago I was playing around with some crocheted motifs. Then, a couple of weeks ago, I found a pattern called, "Double Bump Dishcloth" and quickly got started on it. What fun!

This turquoise yarn was in my stash. I love the color!

The texture of this pattern is really nice and the pattern was fun to do. However, I decided it's a bit too stretchy for my taste as a wash or dish cloth. So, I used the other half of the ball to make a plain dish cloth, like the many I made a few years ago for gifts. The pattern is also used for a scarf. I think it would work great for that and I might make one someday.

Right after I got started on the "Double Bump Dishcloth", I stopped in at a local Michael's store and saw a new color of Sugar N Cream that I couldn't resist. The color is "Earth Ombre". It's so pretty!

I couldn't wait to use it! So, after I finished the two turquoise dish cloths, I quickly found another pattern I liked and got started. This pattern is called, "Basket Rib Hand Towel". The texture is similar to the dish cloth I had just finished.

I'm using size 5 needles and I love how it's turning out. The texture is nice to look at and it's soft and thick for a hand towel. It's knitted with a four row repeat that is easy to memorize and fun to knit. I originally bought one ball but went back for another so I'll have enough to make a towel.

I've been working on this when I'm not working on my Maia Shawl. It's a nice break for my hands to switch back and forth between knit and crochet.


jomamma said...

I've always loved the color selection and feel of Sugar N Cream yarn, but I've never bought any. I'm inspired now. I LOVE that Earth Ombre. I think I'll make some dish towels for Christmas gifts.

KarenB said...

Oh my, I love that Earth Ombre dish cloth. That is gorgeous. Maybe too pretty to wash dirty dishes with! Seriously. That would be a beautiful scarf or something to wear. Love it! I bet I know which Michael's. ;-)

vicki said...

Oh my gosh - this is beautiful - I am loving the colors and the design!! I think I have to have that pattern~~