Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympic Update

I've had a lot of fun participating in previous Knitting Olympics. The whole idea of knitting along with so many other people and the starting and finishing of a project in two weeks is great! This time, however, I had a feeling it might not go so well. I've been experiencing some technical difficulties and I'm lacking focus...something an Olympian really needs to reach their goal and have a chance at a medal.

At the last minute, I chose a pattern and yarn, signed up, and got started. I kinda had a feeling my project was a bit more than I could do in two weeks but it's something I've been wanting to make and we're suppose to challenge ourselves in this event, right?

I started "Gabriel's Wings" with some Berroco Comfort sock yarn that I had. I like how it's looking. But, even though the pattern is basically pretty simple, I've had trouble with silly errors and trying to figure out where they are and how to fix them. Ugh! Somehow the number of stitches became uneven on the two sides. I tinked and knitted, over and over, and eventually got the stitches back on track but later found another error where an eyelet hole should be, but isn't. I usually don't like to leave things like that but I had so much trouble getting to where I am that I've decided that it can stay. I think it's not that noticable, especially as the shawl gets bigger.

I have to confess that I haven't been very focused on just this one shawl project. I'm so excited about several projects that it's hard to ignore any of them. So, other projects have been sharing/stealing some of my Olympic knitting time.

With all of tinking and fixing and working on other projects, I haven't gotten very far. I'm pretty sure, at this point, that I'm not going to earn a medal at this year's games. But, the joy is in participating and I am having fun! I wish there were Knitting Olympics every year!


Amy said...

Your knitting is beautiful!! I sure couldn't do that. And don't worry, I couldn't tell you had any errors at all!
Found you on my mum's blog the matriarchal madwoman.
Good luck on your olympics!

Sel and Poivre said...

It seems like the struggle has been worth it - it looks great! (and I sure can't see the missing eyelet hole)

I too am having trouble focusing just on Olympic Knitting - unlike you though it makes me feel like I likely won't do it again vs wishing it could happen every year. I should try to adopt your more positive approach!

KarenB said...

I would never know there's a mistake, I think it's beautiful. I've had some disqualifications myself and am finally on track, but doubt if I will get in the finals. ;-) My leaf craveat is looking pretty though. I just found a pretty knitting blog that reminded me of you. Have you been here yet?

Anonymous said...

This is really turning out nice. I like the colors. It will be nice with blue jeans when finished.

jomamma said...

That's gorgeous! I wish I would have thought about putting that detail up the center of mine. I had so many false starts I should have been disqualified. But I'm about halfway there.

Benita said...

A shawl with sock yarn? Brilliant! I think I'll get out all the left over sock yarn and start one - how funky and original it should look, right?

I love the colors of yours - rather elegant looking. It would look lovely over a simple black dress.