Sunday, November 29, 2009

Road Blocks

I'm still here! The good news is that my creative mojo is returning. The bad news is that I injured my arm a few months ago and it's keeping me from enjoying my newly returned mojo. :-(

A few months ago I decided to get more serious about exercise and added weights to my morning exercise routine of walking/running. Well, being in the worst shape I've ever been in, I had to use the lowest settings and weights that we had (pitiful, I know). I ended up pulling a tendon in my left elbow. I quickly stopped the weights and hoped that time would heal it. Well, it got worse and I decided to see a doctor. Turns out it's tendonitis and he prescribed meds and gave me a brace to wear. He said it would be back to normal in a week or two. It's been three weeks and it's worse. Now, it hurts almost all the time...even when I pick up something light like a throw pillow or sit down to watch TV! :-( It even hurts when I knit! No fair! I'm waiting to hear back from him to see what I should try next.

On the bright side, I have to take it easy. On the not-so-bright side, I have to take it easy. I have so much I want and need to do! This is frustrating, to say the least. I'm hopeful I'll find a way to get it healed so I can jump back into life, full steam, enjoying my newly returned mojo to it's fullest!


jomamma said...

I thought I had tendinitis, but was wrong. Try acupuncture! I promise you can't even feel the needles, (unless you move while they are stuck in you.) I had a bulging disc in my neck and was facing either a series of injections for pain (not a cure) or months of therapy, or surgery and I opted for 3 treatments of acupuncture and the pain was gone. That's been 3 years ago and I've not had a problem since.

Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! Only three threatments?! That's awesome. Thanks for the advice. I may look into that. :-)

jomamma said...

The Acupuncturist that knitting and blogging puts a lot of stress on our necks. We need to knit a hour and do something else that doesn't involve our heads being down. Medical Dr's will think it's tendinitis, when it's really our neck. My pain was just above and below my elbow, in my wrist and I had numbness in my fingers.

Tan Family said...

Oh, I agree with the others about acupuncture! And, massage, aromatherapy, yoga. Go see Monica at Access Acupuncture in Murrieta (tell her I said "hi"!).

As for fiber arts, Tunisian crochet is much easier on the hands and wrists than regular crochet or knitting. Hope you still remember how to do it! If not, you can get a quick refresher with the tutorials at :)

Acorn to Oak said...

Thanks for the referral! :-)

Yes...I do remember how to do Tunisian crochet and I just tried it out again last week. Unfortunately, I still haven't made anything with it. I haven't been happy with how it turns out. I think it's my choice of yarn or something. I'll try again though. I love your Tunisian creations! :-)

jomamma said...

I'll have to try Tunisian, the last time I crocheted it caused pain in my left wrist.

Sandra said...

ooo that bites. ANy kind of pain that stops you from doing what you want is bad.
best of luck with whatevery course of treatment works for you.

Sel and Poivre said...

I had tendonitis all summer - 'got it using the hedge trimmers late last spring. My sister has it now from wall washing in preparation to paint her huge entryway.

My chiropractor told me to expect it to last 3-6 weeks. Mine was definitely closer to 6-8.

I feel your pain Cheryl!