Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fun Times & Fun Finds

This past weekend was the annual rummage sale at my parents' church. I try to go every year. I don't always find things. But, over the years I've found some great stuff...yarn ball winders, cones of yarn, an umbrella swift and much more. It's become an annual event that I look forward to. I try to get there as soon as it opens, shop, and afterwards I sit and visit with my parents and an aunt an uncle over coffee and treats in their little make-shift cafe. My daughter was able to go with me this year. That added even more fun to the day.

I found a few fun things this year and spent a total of about $9. I found a brand new row/knitting counter for only .10 cents! It was in the original, un-opened package. This might come in handy.

I found something I find almost every year...more buttons! I have a growing collection and with this find my jar of colored buttons is full. I need to either transfer the color ones to a larger jar, or separate out a color, style or shape. I've already separated out the white ones. I love buttons!

I found this 26"x26" rooster painting (not a print) for only $5! The rooster is cute, the flowers are great, and the red is perfect for our home. I love it!

I bought a ceramic, red popcorn bucket...brand new with the store stickers and never used. We love making popcorn and experimenting with various herbs and spices to flavor it. It will come in quite handy. It was only $3! I also bought a few kitchen gadgets (some in their original, unopened packages - I love that!) for practically nothing.

After the rummage sale, my daughter and I went out to lunch and then antique store shopping. I didn't buy anything but I found something I realllllly wanted. I have a collection of old glove forms and hands and this one is the biggest I've ever seen...

It would be such an awesome addition to my collection. was being sold with the old telephone and the handset of the phone was glued to the hand. They told me that it was used as a prop at a TGIF restaurant. The vendor wouldn't budge on separating the two and with the phone it's a LOT more than I wanted to spend. So, I had to leave without it. :-(

Here's another fun find that I bought last month...a knitted doily in a gorgeous, rich, spicy brown color. So pretty! It was only $6! I love finding beautiful bargains like this!

This was a great day but it didn't stop there. That evening, my husband, daughter, and I drove down to Encinitas for dinner and the "Mary Pickford Silent Movie Festival". They showed Mary Pickford's first movie and her last and had a reknowned pianist playing live music throughout both movies. It sounded like a fun thing to do but we had no idea it would be as much fun as it was. After the show, everyone cheered and left with huge smiles on their faces. What a great experience! And, what an awesome day!


jomamma said...

What a great day, great bargains, great finds and great fun.

KarenB said...

Boy, you got some seriously good deals that day and had so much fun on top of it! That makes for an awesome day!

Sel and Poivre said...

Awesome day indeed! 'Love the stitch and row counter!