Sunday, August 2, 2009

Yarn Shop Find of the Summer

I'm always on the lookout for new yarn shops, near my home and everywhere I go. Many are so-so...nothing out of the ordinary. But, sometimes, I find one that meets or exceeds my hopes and expectations. Today, I found one that did just that. It's the "Needlecraft Cottage" in San Diego, just blocks from Pacific Beach. What a great store! They're friendly (something so important but often overlooked by shop owners) and full of yarns that I don't see at other shops...including LOTS of non-wool choices. Wow! So fun!

I've started thinking about Christmas (which will be here much sooner than I'm ever ready for) and decided to look for yarns to make gifts. I found so many possibilities and narrowed it down to three...for now...after all, I can only knit so much, so fast...

The one on the left is "Araucania Ruca" and it's made of sugar cane. I saw this once before and have thought about it ever since and couldn't wait to find it again and buy some. It's soft, has beautiful colors and a slight sheen. Beautiful! I'm thinking of making a lacy scarf or cowl with this one.

The one in the middle is "Ty-Dy" and it's 100% cotton, really soft, and is a striping yarn with gorgeous blues and greens. Can't wait to play with this one either...maybe a scarf.

The one on the right is AslanTrends "Class". It's made of 55% cotton and 45% viscose. It's soft and one of the plies is shiny. Pretty! I have someone in mind for this one...she'll LOVE it! I'll probably make a cowl or scarf with it.

I also bought more "Sugar N Cream"...I really don't need more of this but I love it so much and they had some balls of one of my favorite colors. I'm planning a knitted project bag with this. I found some of the HUGE balls of "Sugar N Cream" at JoAnn's today too in some new and gorgeous colors...but...I resisted. :-( Also, the lady at the "Needlecraft Cottage" said that the natural color of "Sugar N Cream" is fun to dye. Hmmmm?! :-)

What a fun store and shopping experience! I definitely plan on going back to this shop! Now...if I could just find the time to knit more and knit faster so I can finish more projects and buy more yarn!!!


Cally said...

You finally scored some sugar cane!!! Can't wait to see it. Sounds like an excellent day!

Sel and Poivre said...

Isn't it funny how despite being surrounded by yarn all day (which to my mind would seem like bliss) so many LYS owners/workers just don't seem happy!