Monday, August 10, 2009

Ruffly Rose Scarf

A few weeks ago, on an evening out at the local yarn shop, several of my knit friends and I saw a sample of the "Ruffled Roses" scarf by Annie Modesitt and it was love at first sight! Several of us had to have one and quickly started shopping for the yarn we needed to get started. The pattern is free at yarn shops...that's always nice. After the yarn shop closed we gathered at our friend Debbie's house and got started. Here's how mine turned out...

The pattern recommends wearing it by folding it in half, wrapping it around the neck and sliding the ruffled end through the loop. It looks like a bouquet of roses. Pretty! But, it is a bit tight...I'll make the next one a bit longer.

Besides being a bit tight, the recommended way of wearing it hides the beautiful lace on the ends of the scarf. I figured out a way to show that off and make it more comfortable...fold it in half, wrap around the neck and overlap the lace end over the folded end and secure with a pin (I still need to find one). I think it looks really pretty this way too.

Here are what the ends look like...

The store didn't have the all of the recommended yarn but there were plenty of other options and I think this one saved some money too. I used the Online Linie 194 Solo (as recommended) for the ruffles and Berroco Vintage Wool for the scarf. It was fun to try the Solo. It wasn't the easiest to work with but I love the results. The Vintage Wool was splitty but turned out nice. The pattern recommended using size seven needles but I used size five.

I think this scarf is gorgeous but I'd like to figure out a way to make it without having a seam in the middle...which means I'll need to experiment with the Solo to see how well it works out to end a scarf with it instead of be sure it ruffles the same or if it will look ok in a bind off. Either way, I can see myself making another one...maybe with pink roses!


Debbie said...

This turned out great! I am going to get off this darned computer and go finish mine. :)

Sel and Poivre said...

Ms. Modesitt really does design outside the box! That is a fabulous idea and you've done such a lovely job on it! I bet it looks utterly different in pink!

I hope you eventually post a shot of all the finished versions from your knit group!