Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wishing for Warmth

I'm so tired of being cold! I'm ready for warm weather...or, at least, warmer weather. Just when we thought the warmer seasons were here, it's cold again. And, it's suppose to be a little cooler tomorrow. :-(

So, until the warm weather does finally arrive, I'll enjoy any warmth I can find...cozy under a quilt with my knitting, in the car on a sunny day (the heater may have to be on), and thoughts of warmer places, like this...

A warm, sunny day in Anza Borrego. Ahhhhhh!

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Tan Family said...

Oh, Anza Borrego is such a beautiful, serene place! So glad that you could find a bit of warmth there. It's still cold at night, here, and windy during the day. I'm trying to enjoy it before the 100 degree summer arrives!