Friday, March 13, 2009

Time Out!

The mojo's not back! I tried to whip up a simple hat last night (I'm making helmet hats for the troups) and, even though I've made mannnnny of these, I just couldn't do it. I spent more time tinking than knitting. So, I'm giving myself a yarn time out. No knitting, crocheting, spinning....anything fibery until Monday. Maybe I just need a break. It wouldn't hurt to think and do other things for a change anyway. LOL ;-)

Have a wonderful weekend!


Dave Daniels said...

Sometimes, you just GOTTA take a break. Recharge. Re-inspire yourself.
Maybe you need to bake some bread? (lol I just HAD to say that.)
Have a great weekend.

Judith said...

Sorry the mojo's not back... Maybe you got in the funk because of the meet up BS and you feel let down about all of that. It happened to me with something similar and took me 4 years to find mine again... Also with other happenings going on in your life at the moment, you have a lot on your mind. Don't disassociate yourself from your fiber friends, I think if nothing else you need to spend a bit more time with them, as they will take your mind off (at least temporally) what is bothering you. Try crocheting or do some spinning.... Something you haven't done in a while. Like I have said before, I am there too, in a mojo funk, just not as bad. I haven't completed anything, I just rip them out. I have a ton of yarn I feel guilty of having when nothing comes off the needle. And nothing to show for my time.... Take a few days of, go take some more lovely pictures. Play with Salsa. Dogs are great for chasing the blues and everything else with what gets you down.