Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I just got back from a wonderful summer trip with my husband and daughter. The main purpose of this trip was to take our daughter to harp camp in Park City, Utah. But, we decided to make it into a mini vacation as well. We started out with a weekend in Zion National Park. We spent some time there last year and it was so beautiful that we were excited to go back again.

The first weekend was spent in Springdale, Utah, just outside Zion National Park. We stayed at the Pioneer Lodge (a great place to stay) and had an awesome view up into the Zion Canyon. Next to the motel were some fenced green pastures with Long Horn Cattle, Elk, sheep, and Bison. They were so fun to watch...especially the baby Long Horn that loved to run and kick up it's little heels. Adorable!

The first big adventure on this trip started out early on a Saturday morning as the sun was rising....

We hiked up about 1400 feet to Angel's Landing. This part of the hike is called "Walter's Wiggles". Such a fun name and it looks so cool! The whole hike was quite a workout but soooo worth it! It was awesome!!!

Here's a view from near the top looking down into the canyon. You can see the teeny tiny shuttle bus toward the left. It's that small white speck in the shadow.

I carried a small knitting project in my pack and knitted a row at the top...just because! :-) I had hoped to do a lot of knitting on this trip but I was only able to finish a wash cloth, make one more and do a few rows on my Crescendo Shawl. I wish I could knit in the car because I would have gotten many hours of knitting time in but it tends to wig out my eyes. So, I could only squeeze that little bit in between adventures, workshops at harp camp, eating, sleeping, etc.

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures from our time in Park City. It was gorgeous there!

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Sel and Poivre said...

I love that you took your knitting along "just because"!