Friday, March 25, 2016


I just finished knitting another gnome!

So, now I have two!

I love these little guys!  Aren't they adorable?!

They're made from the "Yuletide Gmome" pattern I found on Ravelry.  The pattern is written to knit them on straight needles and sew each section closed.  Way too much work, too much purling, and too much time. Luckily, other Ravelers have posted directions for knitting them in the round.  That's a lot more fun and I think they look a lot better that way.

Sorry for so few posts lately.  Life has been crazy busy.  That seems to be the norm lately.  Whew!  But, I'm still working on trying to post more.

Here's a little of what's been going on....

My husband's grandfather had just passed away on my most recent life update.  Since then, we've all helped grandma go through things and get grandpa's things out.  She wanted to do that quickly as she felt it would help her.  She has tough days and that's so understandable since they were together for 75 years.  But, she's so incredibly strong too.  She's been keeping busy and moving forward.  She's an amazing woman that I find myself becoming more and more impressed with and inspired by everyday.  I love her so much!

My parents came to the funeral and my mom was doing really well that day.  She was a LOT less negative and repetitive that day and very pleasant to be with.  I really cherished time with her that day.  It gave me hope.  However, she has a lot of bad days.  My dad says that she can change like the flip of a switch.  It's becoming increasingly difficult for him and we are all trying to figure out the best way to handle it all.  When we go over, it upsets her.  And, when we stay away, it upsets her.  She usually doesn't show that anger and upset when we are there but after we leave and every day in between.  My dad says she just goes on and on with negativity of things that aren't true.  She thinks my brother and I hate her.  SO not true!!! She goes on and on that I don't call her.  But, when I do, she doesn't answer her phone.  When I do talk to her on the phone by calling my dad, she doesn't remember.

She passed the driving test but wasn't able to get a doctor to sign off for her to drive.  So, she lost her license.  That has upset her a lot.  But, it's given her a reason to go to the doctor...something we were having a very hard time getting her to do.  She's had one gerontology appointment so far and a brain scan.  She still needs to go see a psychiatrist and go back to the gerontologist for results on everything.  To get her license back, she'll need to get approval from the doctor and start the license process from the beginning...driving test, written test, etc.

I feel for her.  I understand that this must be SO frustrating and difficult.  But, she just won't let us support her and love her through it.  That's what we SO want to do.  Shes pushes us away, leaves when we go over so she won't have to see us, and won't allow us to go to the doctor with her.

She's angry that my brother and his wife keep bringing food over too.  But, she doesn't cook and they need to eat!  My dad is getting stronger and doing better and better (except this stress which isn't good for him) but my mom continues to lose weight.  She's so tiny now and it has us worried.  She's lost close to 50 pounds since last summer.  I hope the doctor can get to the bottom of everything that's been going on.

After the funeral, my husband and I went on a trip to Utah for a week.  He did a mountain bike race, we did a little shopping and exploring, we ate great food, we did a little hiking, and we relaxed.  We really needed a little get-away!  I'll try to post about that soon.

Have a great weekend!  :-)


mamasmercantile said...

It's not easy caring for elderly parents, but deep down I am sure it is appreciated. I care for mine and have moments of doubt but I try my best and that is all any of us can do. Take care, remember to look after yourself.

Mereknits said...

I am so glad you got to go on that trip, you needed some time and space to relax. These are the worst times with your Mom because she has a vague idea things are not right, as things progress she won't and that might be easier. Have you looked into places to live that have Alzheimer's/dementia facilities or adult day care to give your Dad a break? Maybe to soon for all of that, but you should check into it before you actually need it. I know it is hard not to take things personally with her as she has been negative to you a very long time, but think of her as having an illness and that helps.

Love the gnomes,

Delighted Hands said...

I'm glad you could take the trip: a break is just what you needed. The gnomes are adorable!

Michelle said...

Your gnomes are so cute! Glad that you could get away for a bit. I know that your situation with your parents if frustrating and stressful.

lynn cockrell said...

I am so sorry that things have not improved much with regard to your mother. It is good you were able to have at least a little more normal time with her recently. I pray you will have more, rather than less, of those moments to remember. Your poor father must be at his wit's end. How amazing that your husbands grandparents had been together for 75 years! A testament to true devotion, for sure. I mentioned this in a comment to you when you first posted about your mother's condition, but it sounds so very much like the way my sweet friend's mother behaved. Her poor father tried to cope alone for a year or so. She finally moved them in with her when she realized her mother was forgetting to cook for them and neither of them was eating as they should. Her father was so confused about the way her mother was behaving but afraid to reveal the depth of her problem until it finally became too much for him. I am praying for a solution for all of you.

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Cute gnomes! I've seen crochet hat patterns that have to be sewn up and I think, why? When you can crochet in the round? Much easier. I can see why you went that route. So sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather but it certainly sounds like he lived a very long and wonderful life. 75 years together, wow! That is amazing! We never know what our future holds healthwise. So sad to know what your mom is going through. Difficult for everyone, but you do have to sort of keep an emotional distance so as not to let it affect you negatively. Glad to hear that she has finally gotten around to having the necessary tests. Your Utah trip sounds awesome (and looked so from your IG posts). Best wishes, Tammy

Amy at love made my home said...

Although I cannot really imagine how hard it is dealing with your Mom losing her licence I sense that you are glad in many ways because she will be safer not driving and is also now having her other health issues investigated, so I hope that there will be some sort of useful outcome to it all. Hold on in there in the meantime. Hope you have a good Easter! xx

Susan said...

Darling gnomes! It's a challenge, dealing with dementia or Alzheimer's with an aging parent. Especially if they were challenging even without the condition. My father is a challenge, but he's easily distracted, so that's what we do when he goes on a nasty spree.