Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ruffly Workout Reward

Remember the incentives I gave myself a few weeks ago to get back into a regular exercise routine?
The first reward was an exercise top for meeting my first week challenge.
For meeting my challenge the second week, I bought this pullover...

I couldn't resist the adorable ruffles on the front sides and on the back...

The sleeves are nice and long...just the way I like.  The back is a bit longer than the front.
That's really nice too.  And, it goes with my new exercise top!
Those challenges and rewards were a great way to get me going!

I didn't reward myself with anything this past week.  It felt so great just to meet my
challenges for three weeks in a row!  I ran/walked over 35 miles in those first three weeks.
My daughter came home from college over the weekend to teach music lessons and we went
for a trail run on Sunday to add a little extra fun to our workout routine.  It was great!

I'm on week four now and have two of my five day minimum workouts done!
I'm running more and more and walking less.  I give myself at least one longer distance day each week.  And, I'm hoping to bring my average pace time down.  My incentive now is a 5K in March!
Oh, yeah.....and, I still try to go to the gym at least twice a week with my hubby to lift weights.
Trying hard to keep it up!    Yeeeha!  :-D


Delighted Hands said...

Does running by proxy help? I want to pay you to run for me....lol You are doing great! Keep up the good work!

Teresa Kasner said...

That is a cute top! I'm proud of you for exercising.. I missed several days of swimming due to being snowed in.. but I will be back in the pool tomorrow!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

111 LaLa Lane said...

Oh Yay! I'm so excited for you! I love running and running clothes. I would love to know where you found your pullover. 5K here you come!

Patty Antle said...

Very inspiring post. Love the top and what a great idea to reward yourself! Keep it up!

judith said...

Cute jacket! It's been so cold here that all I want to do is sit by the fire.

Art and Sand said...

I love your new workout piece.

What a great way to motivate yourself.

Jo said...

Great top, I have never seen one like that before - keep going. Jo x

September Violets said...

Wonderful routine! Wow, you're doing great ... and the new jacket is very cute ;) Wendy x

Benita said...

How is your body feeling and looking? Do you fell the muscles toning up?

I am so proud of you.

Sarah and Dan said...

The top was cute, but this jacket is even cuter!