Friday, February 28, 2014

Life is Good!

Life is good and that's exactly what I was thinking last Friday night.
Hubby and I decided to try out a new-to-us place, The Shamrock Irish Pub and Eatery.
What a find!  This place was great all the way around!  

The atmosphere was awesome.  The people were happy and friendly and the service was great.
The food was amazing.  I had Guinness beef stew and every single bite...from the first to the last...was out of this world delicious!  Hubby had fish and chips like no other...the fish was huge and delicious.  And, of course, the beer...a Guinness and a Smithwick's (one of my new faves) were good too.
We even tried a whiskey and fell in love! It was Jameson Irish Whiskey 
and I wonder why we never had it before.  The flavors and texture are incredible!

There was a bachelorette party going on at the table next to us.  The owner took their picture and posted it on Facebook.  I heard that and thought it would be fun to comment on it and send good wishes.  A few minutes later, the restaurant Facebook page was up on the screen above the stage.
I noticed all the girls looking at their phones and looking around the restaurant trying to figure out who commented.  I gave them a little wave and they all started toasting with us.  Fun!

The night just kept getting better!  The McKintree Boys performed that night.
They were great!  They played Irish rock and folk songs.  It was a foot tappin', 
table slappin' good time!  We'll definitely be going back there!

We enjoyed ourselves so much that night and I thought about how glad I was that we go out and do stuff like this.  I can't imagine just sitting around at home all the time.  Life is so full of
great things to see and do.  It's a thrill to be out there experiencing it!  Life is good!

It's been another very busy week!  I started filling in again at that little antique store that I worked at last year.  I'll be doing that twice a week.  And, I'm still working on a big project that's I started about a month ago.  I'll be able to post about it in a few weeks (shhh!'s a secret until then).

Have a great weekend everyone!  :-)

I'll be drawing a winner for the Grow Your Blog Party Give-Away this weekend!


Teresa Kasner said...

Good and smart of you to get out and enjoy life that is offered. Sounds like you both had loads of fun and a great dinner! I'm off to an overnighter to the beach with my sister tomorrow.. we'll be enjoying life too! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Art and Sand said...

That sounds like a fun restaurant and filling in at the antique shop also sounds fun.

Can't wait to see what you are working on

judith said...

Good times! Jameson is one of my favs! Have you tried Bullet?

Michelle said...

The McKintree Boys sound like a fun group!

lynn cockrell said...

This looks like a really fun place to go when you feel like a wee bit of Ireland. Yes, life really is good!

Sarah and Dan said...

You could have kept the girls wondering about the mystery comment all night...

Mereknits said...

It sounds like a wonderful, fun filled evening. Hugs to you and Happy Weekend,

Magdalena said...

That must have been a great night for you. Enjoy more of it.

September Violets said...

Well you obviously had an incredible time at the pub! It's so nice when you find a place where everyone is enjoying each other's company, even if you are strangers :) Have a great week! Wendy x