Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Here!

I'm still here.  Really, I am!  I really want to blog more often but the last couple of weeks have been crazy!  And, it's early Monday morning and already looking like it might be another crazy week.

I got a job a few weeks ago to fill in two days a week for two weeks at an antique/yarn shop for someone who was going out of town.  It was so much fun!  Yarn and antiques are two things I love.  Getting to work in a place where I'm surrounded by that was great!  I enjoyed chatting with the people who came in to shop and helping them find what they were looking for.  It was fun arranging the antiques to make the store prettier and help things be seen and sell.  And, of course, it was fun helping the yarn shop customers with patterns and choosing yarn.  I even enjoyed cleaning and organizing the store.  Each of those four days flew by fast and I had so much fun.  I was a little sad last Monday when it sank in that my job was done.   But, I may fill in more in the future as they need me.  In the meantime, I've taught a crochet lesson and hope to be teach more.  This yarn shop is tiny right now but growing.  That's good because we sure need yarn shops here.  

That kept me from blogging as much.  I've also had a crazy long to-do list and some day trips.  There's also been some illness in the family.  My dad has been battling with various health problems for months and came down with a bad case of shingles a few weeks ago.  He's been in so much pain.  Then, last week, my husbands 93 year old grandfather went into the hospital.  Luckily, he went home a day later and we thought he was fine.  But, grandma called last night and didn't sound herself.  She was quite worried about grandpa.  He ended up going to the hospital a few hours later and has pneumonia.  So, I'm heading to the hospital in a bit to see him and spend time with family who are there with him.  I'm hoping grandpa will be fine.  He's tough and if anyone can pull through, he can.

I've been doing a lot of knitting.  I'm fitting it into the waiting around time I've had. I've been working a lot on a lace knit scarf that I started last year.  The ball of   yarn seems to keep going and going.  It'll be perfect to take with me today though because it's small and easy to carry.  And, the rows are short so it's easy to put it away quickly.

I'm hoping this whole week won't be as busy and that I'll have time to do some blogging.  I have something to share that I bought last week, Penelope kitty needs a post to show how much she's grown, I have an update on my biopsy. And...hopefully...I'll have a new scarf to post.  Oh...and I promised another give-away for February but the month went by so fast and I wasn't able to get to it.  So, I'm extending it into March.  So, everyone who comments in February and March will go into the drawing.  I'll post the prize soon, I promise.

Have a marvelous Monday!


Miss LindaLee said...

Oh my goodness. You certainly have been busy and I do pray that the folks will all get back to their normal selves soon.

You make me think of myself. I always take my needlework with me when I have even a small chance of waiting anywhere. Something easy to get out and easy to put away. Something to help pass the time.

I'm a newer follower of yours and I'm curious about the biopsy. I don't know what it was for, but do hope the update was good. We just found out that my sweet hubby, Mr. Bill, has prostate cancer, but the doctor says that it is in the very early stages and is easy to cure. So all the appointments start tomorrow. We have another on the 15th. to discuss the options.

You have a more relaxing week this week and I'll be visiting again soon. I see a blue and green shawl below on your last post. I need to check that out!

LindaLee from
CrossN' My Stitches

September Violets said...

Well, no need to make apologies, you've certainly had a full plate! I hope your various family members recover from their ailments and are back with their loved ones soon. A yarn AND antique shop together sounds like a dream come true!! I love antiques (especially my dad ha ha, he likes that one). Have another great week, even if it'll be another busy one :) Wendy

Susan said...

You sure have/had a lot on your plate right now. I hope your grandfather comes home soon - it's always easier to heal at home. Shingles are the worst! I am always thankful for knitting, as it beats reading magazines in waiting rooms. Looking forward to Penelope updates - and hoping your week and month go smoothly.

111 LaLa Lane said...

Sending prayers for your loved ones. Hope they recover quickly. Don't overdo it yourself, wouldn't want you to end up with something worse than a cold.

Sandra said...

Health issues with family are always tough - take the time you need - we'll still be here!

kareninkenai said...

Love, thoughts, and prayers are with you and your family, Cheryl. These are hard times to see our parents and grandparents with aging problems, complications, and acceptance issues. After caregiving my own mother for several years, I truly understand the commitment and concerns. Your two week job sounds fabulously fun and doing needle work (knitting) is always so meditative for me - as I know it is for you. Take care and next year we will get together and spend some time at Ewe 'n Me. Hugs from Alaska. Karen

DJH said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Like takes a front seat to blogging at all times, so no need to say sorry.

Roxie said...

My husband had shingles- just a mild case, but oh how he suffered. Your family is really going through the mill right now. Bless your dear heart!

The job sounds like wonderful fun, in spite of the time crunch it gave you. How wonderful for them to have an artist like you to help dress the shop!