Friday, December 21, 2012

Waiting..... so hard!  We got up this morning to find that our dear kitty, Duchess, was having difficulty breathing.  We immediately called the vet and took her in.  We figured it was feline asthma...which she was treated for last week at the vet.  But, this time, she didn't respond to meds and the vet felt it was best for us to take her to a specialist.  We were hoping that the specialist would give her an oxygen treatment and some more meds and she'd be feeling great and ready to come home by later today.  However, we received a call a couple of hours ago that she's not improving and they are concerned now that it may be much more than might be heart disease or heart failure.  We've moved on to a new treatment in hopes of improvement and knowing more what the problem is.  It's so hard to wait and we're so worried about our lil' kitty...our baby.  We love her so much and we're trying so hard to keep hoping but it's not sounding good.  Please keep your fingers crossed!  She needs every bit of luck and prayers she can get right now.  She's such a huge part of our family and holds such big places in our hearts.


Roxie said...

Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry! It's so hard when your kitty is sick. Good wishes and prayers.

Cindie Kitchin said...

Oh dear....I'll be sending good thoughts your way that your kitty is ok. It's so hard to worry about our sick 4 legged family members.

vicki said...

Oh no -- I am so so sorry. Im just in the process of loading in blogs for my Grow your blog party and I came to yours and read this -- my heart breaks for you.

We are kitty lovers here at our house and just lost one of our beloved kitties 2 weeks ago -- I know your heartache. Bless your heart and all of your family -- it is a true heartache.

To answer your question that you asked about turning off the spam filter -- no you dont have to do that -- it is entirely your option. Cant wait to have the party -- lets get you lots more followers -- you have a wonderful blog!