Saturday, April 7, 2012


Thank you to everyone who left such kind words, support, prayers and positive thoughts. It's all so appreciated! :-)

We got good news at the doctor that my daughter's tests came back negative for cancer. Whew! Yeah! But, we got the not so good news that she'll have to have surgery to remove the cyst. Because they'll need to keep it intact to check it and see what it is, the incision will be large enough to accommodate it. That means she'll have a longer recovery time of 6-8 weeks. She's not happy about needing surgery. I totally understand. I'm not happy about it either. But, it needs to be done for various reasons.

My daughter is working with her instructors to try and have the surgery at the beginning of May to recover in time for finals and graduation to receive her two associate degrees. The doctor recommended getting it done soon because she doesn't know whether it's a fast or slow growing cyst or if it could be that dreaded "c" word...although the odds are slim on that.

I can't help but wonder if the doctors we went to under our old insurance would have done an ultrasound like I had asked for years ago that it could have been caught much sooner and been easier to treat. Ugh! I'm just happy we found this new doctor and that she has been so thorough. So far, all the research I did to find her has paid off. She has lots of great reviews and people go to her from all over the country. I can see why. We feel like we're in good hands with her. I hope so.


Susan Harvey said...

Sorry I missed your last post but I'm happy to hear that there's no "c" involved!

I grew many of these cysts during my young woman menstruating days and while painful at times, they were more of a nuisance than anything. My Gyn/OB would leave them in place for anything up to 4 cm's and remove anything larger. I flirted with surgery a couple of times but they always reduced by them self.
Happily those days are behind me now and I have moved onto hot flashes instead... what a relief!

:) Susan

jomomma said...

That's great news. Don't get me started on Doctors and Insurance companies. Hope her recovery goes well and you guys continue getting good news.

Roxie said...

Bestof luck to your daughter for successful surgery and quick healing. And prayers for you as well. It's a mom's job to worry, but we don't want you to over-do it.

Benita said...

Oh, thank heavens that the test came back negative. She is still in my prayers.

Sandra said...

good news! The surgery and recovery news is not so great, but at least it is doable, and working with instructors to arrange schedules is a great idea. Still thinking good thoughts.

RodPrjónar said...

Uff, what a relief! I read your previous post and really didn't know what to say (silly me)... but my thoughts were with you!
I am sure that everything will be fine with the surgery!

vicki said...

I'm sorry your daughter has had problems that result in a needed surgery. I've read your previous post- and like you- I believe she is in good hands. I'm sending prayers for you both in this time of worry.

Bless your heart for having to worry so about your daughter-- I hope all goes well for her-

lifeinredshoes said...

Ooooo, so sorry about your adventures in health care. I do hope that everything turns out well for both of you.
And are those red shoes I see in your header?
Sounds like you're going to need 'em :)