Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A New Angle

I've been meaning to post an update about what was going on in my last two posts but I just haven't been ready until now. The whole thing was such a surprise and gave us so much to think about. All of the supportive comments really helped us a lot...thank you. It was comforting to receive caring and encouraging words and stories from others who have experienced similar things. Taking a breath, a little time, and the help of others has caused us to step back and take a look at all of this from a different angle. We've done a ton of research since the doctor said she wanted to rush into surgery. Over and over we've read...and heard from others...that it's not only a good idea to wait, it's usually common practice. Surgery is a BIG deal! It's not something to rush into. The idea of it really upset us all. Cysts can change and often do. It only makes sense to wait and watch to see if it changes.

We've also learned that dietary/eating changes can make a big difference with this and thyroid (the other issue). We had already been making significant changes in our diet and this was the push we needed to take it to an even higher level and get more serious about it. We've been eating more veggies, whole grains, natural foods, no dairy and less meat. In fact, we're almost vegetarian. The only meat we've been eating is some fish and an occasional meal with organic, free range chicken. We're limiting ourselves with the red meat to verrrrrry seldom. We've read so much about how a more natural, plant strong diet can be life changing. And, so far, we all feel better from it. Although, I'm not sure I'll give up my Ben and Jerry's Coffee Heath Bar Crunch ice cream! Hubby and my daughter have found alternatives that they LOVE! They both love coconut ice cream...especially the cookie dough flavor. Hubby fell in love a few years ago with Trader Joe's soy ice cream with dark chocolate and cherries. I haven't found any alternatives that I like yet. So, an occasional tub of Ben and Jerry's just might be something I won't give up.  But, I rarely have it....so, that's ok. 

Exercise always seems to be one of the answers to just about every health issue. This is no exception. Talk about a kick in the butt to get to the gym more regularly! Hubby was already doing great. My daughter was doing ok. I had gotten a little lazy with it over the past few months. But, now, we're all going to the gym just about everyday. The hardest part is going but once we're there it feels great and I can't believe I put it off. It makes no sense to avoid something that can make us feel so good and improve our health and quality of living.

Another thing we've read and heard a LOT of good things about is acupuncture. It has a reputation of correcting these kinds of problems. We decided to go for it. My daughter had her first visit just a few days ago and is noticing changes already! The acupuncturist we're going to specializes in women's health. She also recommended Chinese medicine for the thyroid. We were ready to go for it with that too but when my daughter mentioned it to her OB/GYN, she said it can cause more problems. But, in the same email, she suggested giving my daughter injections of a hormone that we already told her my daughter had a problem with in the past. My daughter's immediate reaction to that hormone was, "no way!". We'll talk to the acupuncturist about the Chinese medicine some more tomorrow. In the meantime, she's going to stick with the acupuncture and see what happens.

It just seems to make the most sense to do healthy and non invasive things to try and correct this or any other health issue. I've read and heard countless stories about the success of such things. Cutting someone open and doing surgery should be a last resort and...hopefully...one we can avoid!


Denise said...

Glad to hear that the changes are helping you to feel better. Acupuncture rocks! I've used it for a variety of things, but never something as sever as yours. I absolutely agree with those that have advised to try other things before going for surgery! You are in my thoughts.


Benita said...

Cutting out all the processed foods will definitely help, but let us know how the acupuncture goes. My sister is having these treatments for her lupis and she says they have helped her manage the pain quite a bit.