Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's so much fun to make a little project that uses stash yarn and can be whipped up in no time. That's just what these are. They're shower poofs.

I saw one a few weeks ago that someone in a local stitch group had made. I instantly knew it was a pattern I had to find and make. The pattern calls for a two ounce ball of worsted weight cotton yarn and a size "I" hook. Even though the pattern says it only needs two ounces, it wasn't enough in either of two brands that I used. I had to modify the pattern to make it work with the two ounces. I actually like my version better. The poof is rufflier, tighter and holds it's shape better. I think that will make it more usable and nicer to use.

The changes I made are as follows...Start out with chaining 8 instead of 10. I did 36 loops in that ring instead of 40. I made the hanging loop with 25 chains instead of 30. On the final row, I started the top of each loop section with a slip stitch in the first chain space, chain one, *sc, ch 2 in each chain space across to the next to last chain space in the loop section, sc, chain one, slip stitch in the last chain space and I’d leave out chains between the loop sections and repeat that sequence to the end of all the loop sections.

The purple and green one is Sugar N Cream in the color "Country Side". The cream, red, green and bluish/purple one is Peaches & Cream in the color "Floral Fantasy". I'm anxious to give one a try. And, I'm excited to make more...they're a lot of fun, a great stash buster, and they would make a great gift in a basket with some body wash, soap and other nice bath accessories.


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Oh my, those are adorable! Thanks for the link to the pattern and your changes, I'm going to give it a try, what fun gifts.

jomamma said...

Great idea for office Christmas Gifts!

Sandra said...

I think I may try some of these - what a great addition to a gift basket!

Benita said...

Those are really neat. Scrubbies that you can machine wash. Handy!