Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Vintage Lace

My daughter and I went on a vintage home tour a couple of weeks ago. There were six old, restored homes on the tour and a Restoration Faire. The homes were lovely and interesting. The most beautiful home seemed to be haunted. We got a reallllly creepy feeling when we were upstairs and in the back of the home. It was even creepier to find out later that other people had the same feeling in the same parts of the house. My daughter was creeped out so much that she not only wanted out of the house ASAP, she wanted to get off the property. I've had uneasy feelings in some old homes in the past but nothing like that. Yikes!

The Restoration Faire was the best part of the day. We found wonderful things. My daughter bought three beautiful old books for her growing collection. We also found some beautiful lace collars. There were quite a few and some even had matching cuffs. We settled on two collars. I bought this one...

My daughter fell in love with this...

They're so pretty! We don't have an immediate use for them but we're hoping they'll work great on some future vintage style dress projects.

We're not sure what this crochet lace would be best for but my daughter had to have them. They're so pretty.

I love antique shopping and searching for special little treasures. Finding them is such a thrill! :-)

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jomamma said...

Nice lace work. That's creepy about the house and the fact that your daughter had such a strong feeling about it.