Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tickled Pink

My mother-in-law loves all things pink. She also loves life and knows how to have fun. One of the things she enjoys is riding her bike. In fact, she has a yearly tradition of meeting up once a year with several other ladies in another state and spending five days riding their bikes and staying at bed and breakfasts and inns along the way. They rode the Katy Trail in Missouri the past two years, different sections each year. They're heading to a new destination this year, somewhere in Minnesota, I think.

When she bikes, she likes to wear pink and she likes to put pink things on her bike. It can be bells, streamers from her handlebars, little stuffed animals, etc. She doesn't put a lot of stuff on it, just enough to add a touch of fun and whimsey. We decided to help her out on that this year.

My husband and I were shopping at Home Depot on Saturday and found this in the garden section...

We knew immediately that we wanted to get it for her. It's meant to go in the garden...another place that she like to add little touches of fun and whimsey. However, my husband had a different idea! He took the bird off it's wire stick and attached it to a bike bell mount. Ta da....a bike gizmo that mounts on the handlebars!...

I like how the wings and feet wiggle with little bumps and will probably flap in the breeze. Isn't it cute?!

I can't imagine looking at this and not smiling!

The best thing...she loves it! I guess we could say she was "tickled pink"! And, so were we that she liked it. :-)


Benita said...

That is so funny! I can see it now and it's going to be the talk of the group.

jomamma said...

That's awesome that she goes on bike trips like that! And that's a pretty sweet looking bird.