Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ty Dy Success

I finally found a project that works for the ball of "Knit One Crochet Too Ty Dy Cotton" yarn that I bought almost two years ago! Hurray! This ball of yarn was so gorgeous at the store that I had to buy it. It was made up of gorgeous blue, green and purple hues. I couldn't resist bringing it home. Little did I know that the purple was in only one big section, on one end of the ball. I found this out on the first project I tried to make with it. That project was frogged because the pattern didn't work and the big blotch of purple didn't look right. The ball went into the stash and sat there until a couple of weeks ago when I decided to try and make a cowl out of it. The cowl almost got frogged too. But, I decided to finish it and give it a chance. At that point, I wasn't sure I'd be happy with anything I could make with this yarn.

I'm glad I continued on. Now that it's finished, I have to admit that I really like it. I might even love it. I'm wearing it today and it looks awesome with my dark, smokey blue/teal sweater. And, it's helping to keep me warm on this, another dark, gloomy, cold day.

I used size 7, 16" circular needles and cast on 100 stitches. I knitted 10 rows in the round, *purled one row, knitted three* and repeated that two more times for three ridges. After that, I knitted about 48 more rows in stockinette, repeated the three ridges on the other end, knitted 10 rows and bound off loosely.

The big blotch of purple isn't bothering me anymore. This cowl does remind me of tye dye, as it's suppose to. The colors are really pretty and it drapes nicely around my neck. This was a great project for some mindless knitting while I was sick the past couple of weeks. It was a great project to try out my yarn bowl! And, my stash is down by one more ball! :-)


jomamma said...

Ohhhh, those are my colors! Very pretty.

Sandra said...

hurray for stash knitting. THe cowl looks great.

Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

So pretty!!!! I have to start using my stash yarn and have a resolution to not buy any yarn that I don't already have a pattern for!! Like most resolutions this one won't last.