Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Do Over!

I recently started knitting a pair of socks with yarn from my stash, Berroco Comfort Sock. I knitted a pair of socks with this yarn in the past and thought I didn't like the feel of them. When I actually wore them, I loved them! So, it makes perfect sense to make another pair. First sock, done! Looks great!

I dove right into the second sock...

But, I did so without thinking! I forgot to do a little planning and make sure I started the yarn in the same color spot so the stripes would match!

I tried to go with it but I just can't! I know, they won't show under my jeans. But, I'll know!


Time to start over! And, this time, with a little thought and planning!

If I had done a little homework before I started this pair, I could have had longer socks too! I weighed the first sock this morning and it only weighs about half an ounce. I have over two ounces left! Ugh! I should know better because I usually plan better. Oh well. At least I can do the second one over.

Happy Knitting!


KarenB said...

I'll be curious to find out how you end up getting the stripes correct. That sounds difficult to me. They're really pretty, though.

jomamma said...

Aww, that doesn't bother me in the least. In fact, I kind of like mine not matching. It makes people look and ask "why don't your socks match?" Then someone will yell out in a smug voice "cuz she makes them herself!" I'm thinking about making them not only not matching, but also in two different stitch patterns! That will really get them talking.