Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Framed - Tacky

This will be another component of my inspiration wall. It's a simple tack/cork/bulletin board from a discount store...

It came with a black frame and I dressed it up with red fabric and a vintage trim that I simply stapled into place. It's going to add a great punch of color to my inspiration wall!

The size of this one is 22"x35". I'm not sure what the total cost was because the frame was a gift a few years ago and I dressed it up shortly after I received it. I can't remember if I purchased the fabric or if I had it. The trim was from my ever growing collection of vintage trims that I've been buying for decades. I usually pay almost nothing for a bag of old trims...maybe ten cents or a quarter. I imagine that the total cost of this project would probably be $20-$25.

As with yesterday's post, I'm only showing a close up so you can see the detail. I'll show you the whole thing when I get it up on the wall. :-)

I'll soon be posting another "Framed" story that is at least as exciting as yesterday's...possibly even more!

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