Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dinner and Blues

Yesterday was the perfect end to our week and an awesome start to our long holiday weekend! It started out with a girls day out with my mother-in-law, her mom, my two sisters-in-law, my daughter, and I. We had fun and laughs shopping and then went to lunch at a new restaurant in town, The Lazy Dog Cafe. We were all very glad we gave it a try because everything was delicious and fun!

Sometimes I wonder if there are any new tastes out there or new combinations that actually taste different than anything else rather than like something else. Does that make sense? Well, this place answered that question with a huge "yes"! They have a lot of unique things on the menu with interesting ingredient combinations. It was so good that I took my husband there last night for dinner!

One of their interesting taste combinations is the Phukett Martini (pronounced "poo-ket"). It's a combination of Absolut Peppar, coconut rum, fresh jalapeno, basil, mint, sweet & sour & candied ginger. It's so tasty that the alcohol is undetectable and the flavor is like nothing I've ever had. The flavor is hard to describe but it was soooo good.

For dinner, I had Hawaiian Ahi Poke with fresh ahi tuna, sesame vinaigrette, green onions, crispy wontons, avocado, wasabi dressing (YUMMMM!!). Soooo good and it came with a bowl of coleslaw type salad with another interesting and unique taste. I don't know what all was in it but it was very different and I couldn't decide if I liked it just because it was different or if I actually loved it. I had mashed potatoes and gravy too. Even the gravy had a unique taste. A weird pairing, I know...but it was all so good.

Hubby had ahi fish tacos. He said they were really good. It came with a delicious fruit salsa, steamed rice and black beans with yet another unique taste...kinda sweet. Dinner was a lot of fun!

Afterward, we went to one of our favorite local wineries, Miramonte, to meet up with my hubby's parents, his sister, and her hubby for a night of wine and blues. The Nathan James Trio was of our favorites! We enjoyed a bottle of their 2005 Syrah, finishing the evening off with some incredible Port wine. Yum!

These pictures are from my cell phone.

Have a fabulous Labor Day Weekend! :-)

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Benita said...

What a nice evening - well two of them, actually. Don't you love experimenting with different flavor combinations? I do, too!!

Your meals sound like they tickled your tastebuds but good!!