Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blossoming Ideas

The beginnings of my fiber art love started at a very young age with crochet. In fact, I remember crocheting in a tiny rocking chair that my grandmother had bought for me. I still have that little chair and I taught my daughter to crochet when she was small enough to sit in it. Even though most of my fiber art time now is taken up with knitting, spinning, weaving and other things, I enjoy crocheting projects from time to time.

I've been itching to do some crochet lately. So, I dabbled in a bit of Tunisian Crochet and this last week I pulled out one of my all time favorite crochet patterns, "Petal Place Mats" and a big, 14 ounce ball of one of my favorite yarns, Sugar N Cream, and started making some of these...

I got this pattern from my mom over 20 years ago. I've made a LOT of these over the years and have given them away as gifts. They're useful and so much fun to make. They're quick and easy but require enough attention to make them interesting. I love that they're made with worsted weight yarn. This way, I can make a doily-like project without using tiny thread (something I don't enjoy). I think I'm going to be able to make four placemats from this one ball of yarn. The reverse single crochet edge really finishes the edges off nicely.

I had made two of these so far this week and took them to an open house at the "Knit N Stitch" yarn shop yesterday. A bunch of the ladies there went crazy for them and the shop quickly scheduled a class. I'll be teaching the two session class this January. How exciting! I also took in my "Magic Ball Shawl" to show to Sue, the person who inspired me with this idea. That was a hit too! And, we'll be having a Magic Ball workshop/fun day on Superbowl Sunday.

My arm still hurts but it is improving and I'm so happy to be able to knit and crochet again. I had so much fun yesterday and with these classes scheduled, 2010 may be blossoming into a beautiful new year! :-)

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KarenB said...

How fun! Congratulations on the classes! I love the placemat. Looks too pretty to eat on. I hope you have a very Merry Christmas! See you soon, hopefully.